From Cork to Killarney and Back- Day 5

This morning we had a relaxed departure following breakfast. I have learned to have only some fruit (watermelon) and a scone. Don tried the blood sausage (he didn’t like it), egg, cheese and fruit .

The bus is leaving 8:30 A.M., driving around Cork, having all the waterways explained and also the grand Georgian parades. We continue on to Blarney and through the beautiful gardens. Don and I did not go to the Blarney stone (184 steps up, to bend backwards to kiss a stone and then back down.

I opted instead for a Bailey’s coffee and then a walk across the road to the woollens Mill where Don became the owner of a beautiful sweater and I got a beautiful plaid pancho (sort of) and we are starting to pick up gifts for Christmas.

Once back on the bus, we drove through the Derrynasaggart Mountains to Killarney, where we will be staying for 2 nights.

Last night we had our signature dinner with Insight Vacations which consisted of a drink ¬†and then off to dinner at John and Frieda’s home for a cooking demonstration and perfect dinner. Their place is called the “19th Hole” Bed and Breakfast.

Dinner was a baked potato, beef stew, two different coleslaw salads, green salad and a Caesar salad. Dessert was a Rhubarb cake and a slice of Bailey’s Cheesecake and tea /coffee.

Now we can waddle back to the bus for our ride home and to sleep.

The hotel The Killarney Plaza is beautiful and our room has a double bed and a single bed, A bureau, desk, wi-fi, table with two chairs. It is super clean

Again, Insight Vacations and our fearless leader, Tom, . have really done their homework and made It all so relaxing and comfortable.

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Dublin to Cork -Part 2

I neglected to mention the name of our guide at the Stud farm, Paul. What a character. He had us all laughing from beginning to end.

We went on to Kilkenny and to hear Paul explain to us the game of Hurling. A 3,000 year old sport. Now, I have heard passionate speakers before, but they would¬†pale if standing next to Aiden. My goodness it was wonderful and I now wish we could have watched a game. It wasn’t long enough, it truly wasn’t.

We then caught a bite to eat and get back on the bus.

If I make it sound too rushed or busy, it isn’t. It is very relaxed and lots of time to take a breather throughout our travels.

More tomorrow.

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