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I have a hard time, still, trying to absorb what took place this past weekend. A short time ago, our kids told us they were coming out to celebrate our anniversary and there would be a surprise. Also, we were told not to ask any questions. Don and I were not to concern ourselves with food for Saturday. Fair enough!

I baked for weeks, asking if I didn’t know for sure, what our grandkids favourite food was so I could bake it: desserts, cookies, muffins, cupcakes and cakes were made and Don cut steaks, made 110 meatballs for his famous meatball sandwiches, huge Baron of beef purchased, salads etc., my mac ‘n cheese was made and snacks galore. Whew! Done…..we thought.

This was going to be the first time in 25 years that ALL the kids and grandkids were in the same room at the same time and we were thrilled. They arrived on Thursday and the fun began, but we were told we were not to do anything for Friday’s dinner. Don explained we had dinner all planned and, again, were told we could not go in the kitchen. During the day the grandkids went down the channel on their tubes and when they returned, we had snacks and they told us to stay out of the kitchen and join them on the deck to sit and ‘chill’. In the morning, our three granddaughters fulfilled a request of mine that they paint us a picture for our new home. I look up and there they are, all in a line carrying large white boxes.  Okay, you know me…the waterworks were starting. They were stunning, all three of them and, of course, priceless.

Friday evening and waiting for dinner….the big surprise!  All of a sudden, we look up and Don’s sister and all her family were on the deck (10 of them) and you cannot believe how that hit. Shocked, surprised, happy ….all these motions and we thought THAT was the surprise and it was perfect. Then, the kids brought up all the food they had brought. You have to understand we were not allowed to go to the garage or downstairs and now we know why. chicken, corn on the cob, salads, our steaks were used, garlic bread, and my pumpkin/ginger cheesecake was brought out. Great dinner and a wonderful evening. My daughter gave me a card that told me the rules for Saturday, a gift of hair do and makeup session and it was not up for negotiation! (bossy child) and come home at 4 pm all dressed up.

Saturday was making us a little nervous….off we go to my appointment with Don’s sister and husband, Clem, in tow. We found out later they were to make sure we didn’t sneak back and see what was going on. (as if we would…….) When we got home at 4:05 p.m.

You would not nor could not imagine what had happened while we were gone. The yard and deck looked like something out of a magazine and the deck was filled with 40 people. Family from Alberta, life long friends from Langley and Coquitlam, neighbors (who were sly and fibbing), dear friends from Vancouver and all the family and extended family. The tables were all decorated beautifully and boy oh boy, were we ever surprised.

Apparently, this took about 8-9 months to plan, gather supplies, flowers, beautiful wedding cake, and not one word, hint or anything to let this slip. This was more love showered on us that anyone one human could envision. We are so very proud of each and everyone who worked so hard to pull this off and all those who came to share this very special time with us.

In a few words…thank you (which is so trite looking in print) from two very full hearts and believe me, we love you so much and are so very proud of you and what you did for us.

Now…..where did they put everything? In about a month I know we will find it all. (just kidding). Oh, as we are contemplating moving in the next very short while, the kids, all of them, packed my cupboards up for about 6 hours. Again, thank you so much,. I couldn’t do this all on my own.


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Peakfine Restaurant, Sparkling Hill Resort, Vernon. B.C.

4 of 5 stars

The resort, in itself, is magnificent but a few tweaks in the kitchen would make it all spectacular. Our dinner, night 1, was just okay. Don ordered a virgin Caesar and I had the Hester Creek Gewurztaminer. Don’s drink was so spicy, he was forced to add water to it.

He ordered the clam bisque and when it came, it was so watery, not thick and creamy at all. This was, by the way, $13.00. I ordered the spinach salad. It had blackberries, a couple of slivers of strawberry, and a couple of raspberries. The spinach was tough and it wasn’t that enjoyable. This, also, was $13.00.

Don’s entrée was Sea Bream and scallop dish. The texture of the fish was, in a bad way, slimy, not cooked through. This “special” was $38.00. I had the chicken Supreme and it was okay. Tis was the evening special for $37.00.

To finish our meal we had a coffee each.

Breakfast on the other hand could use a little help. It is geared the way most Hotels in Europe put up a breakfast…..lots of choices as in cold cuts, crudités, porridge (if you wish), toast, fresh fruit bowl, slices of watermelon, scrambled eggs, pan cooked potatoes that were black with spices and European sausages. It had some ‘sweet’ items as well, but I couldn’t even identify them, but not pleasing to look at.

Day 2 Breakfast was much of the same, but instead of the sausages, there were miniature pancakes, with syrup and what looked like whipped cream. Then when you went to taste it, was sour cream.

The views from this restaurant are spectacular but the kitchen needs help. For the second dinner we went to Predator Ridge and you can read my view on there establishment.

Of course, I would return but I would eat my dinners elsewhere, sorry! The value for what you are presented with don’t match up.

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