Original Joe’s Restaurant, Nanaimo

Why, oh why do restaurants change things so that you won’t make an effort to return?  Let me explain, please.

I have never ordered a thing other than the Dragon Tempura Shrimp (Appetizer) and Don ordered what they mistakenly called Lasagna. We had taken guests with us and if we had been alone, both our orders would have been returned to the kitchen.

Our guests each ordered the Fettucine on Bruschetta. They ate it all  up. I hope they didn’t order this dish because it was on special.

The shrimp, for me, was almost burnt. They could not have been blacker if they tried. Some of it was just the outer tempura shell and it was spicier than I remember it. I have ordered it a minimum of 20 times in one and a half years. So I do know of which I speak.

Don’s lasagna actually looked like something they had put in a blender and turned it on to puree and then added a bit of cheese on top. I am not exaggerating here folks.

My suggestion to Original Joe’s – call my husband and he will show you how to make lasagna the proper way and also how to cook shrimp. I am so sorry about things I have raved about so much and then the last three times – one was uncooked, another was over cooked and then this one was almost burnt.

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Carlos O’Bryan’s Neighborhood Pub

Sometimes it is such fun to change dinner plans at the last moment and decide to go out instead of cooking. Last night was one of those nights. We took off and I suggested we go to this Pub again. We were here for Valentine’s and I wanted to try it again. This time it was even better.

We were seated in booth (#13) and were blessed with a super great server, Courtney, who was such a delight. I was reading their cocktail list (several pages), when she popped in and asked if she could get us a drink. I told I was still reading and she said she would come back. We started to joke with her and the fun began.

The food was out of this world. We opted for two appetizers and then we would share. Fine. We do this more often now being of the blue-haired set. I ordered the stuffed mushrooms and Don ordered the Asian Chili Tiger Prawns. I had a glass of wine and Don ordered his beer.

If I could have licked the mushroom plate, I would have. OMG! It was sooooooooooo delicious. Don’s prawns were also as good. They have a little bite to them but still good.

We loved this so much, we made reservations to return with my daughter on Sunday before she has to return home.

Don’t miss this establishment. It is one place I will return over and over again. Always with Booth #13 and our server, Courtney.

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