La Camargue, Arles, France

Sorry for the delay. Had a snag with the wi fi. Never mind, here we go:

One of our dinners out was to drive to ARLES and enjoy a wonderful dinner (for us, it was a return visit). When we arrived inside the walls of the medieval town, we were told we had 5 minutes to take pictures. I remembered a certain shop I wanted to be sure to find again so, we took off like bolt to find where we we had bought the world’s best nougat. Got it!!

Now off to this wonderful establishment owned and operated by a wonderful lady named Alexia. Your eyes won’t believe all the food that comes to the table. We are dining inside a courtyard inside the restaurant and it is non-stop. Beautiful appetizers, wines, main course and a delightful lemon meringue pie. Wow!

The entertainment is so wonderful, led by Paco on  guitar and vocals by Gegi.They entertained for a couple of hours and when they found out it was our anniversary, they sat beside us and Gegi sang the most romantic and sincerely given song, the tears flowed (yeah, you all know me). It scared Paco and he held my hand, apologizing. Don explained the ‘why’ of it all.

Now, out of the blue, our guide, Phillipe, picks up a guitar and they all play  and sing a few numbers. We sang and clapped until, sadly, the pumpkin was going to depart.

Recommend this? Ten thousand percent. Make sur you make the drive, so very, very worth it.


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Imperator Hotel, Nimes, France

This is a very old Hotel but a classy one. This is where Hemingway stayed (a lot)plus a lot of other celebs, but you haven’t lived until you use either the elevator or the room key.  Both are from the late 1800’s I think.

The elevator has an open grate door (which must be closed tight or the elevator will stay stuck on that floor, then you push two heavy metal doors that look like shutters. Push the floor number and when it arrives at the designated floor, you have to wait until a voice tells you to leave. Now, get ready for the next step.

You get out the skeleton key (I told you it was old) and read the instructions on how this all works.

The rooms are air conditioned and quite nice. Our room has a king size bed, desk, dresser and small table to enjoy a coffee or read a book.

The bathroom is fairly modern: large tub glass section partition, sink and W.C.

This is our second time here. We were here about four -five years ago. I like the old charm.


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