Classic Home Improvements

We, have ,as you may know by now, moved to Nanaimo to a lovely condo. It needed a few tweeks to make it OUR home and we certainly needed to replace the bath tub with a shower.

This was not an easy job as the floor was  1 1/2 inches out of level. Now this becomes a different bit of work. The company, referred to us through The Home Depot, was Classic Home Improvements. The young man who came out to see us (Darren Cavan) was so prompt, never even twinged when we traded vanities for one that made sense for two people, or added tile where no one would ever think of putting tile.

Dave was the fellow who really had his work cut out for him and did a wonderful job. A young painter, Brooke by name, came out and touch up the paint where it was needed.

Poor fellow comes in the morning, lays out the tarps hauls in his tools and whatever else is needed, then at close of day, vacuums up the dust, etc. packs up his tools and tarps and leaves only to return the next day to carry on.

All you have to do, when needing great work done in a quick and very professional manner is to (a) call Classic Home Improvements, ask for Darren and (b) make muffins or cookies and everyone is happy.

We show off our home now to everyone who visits and everyone loves it, especially the work that has been done.

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The Nail Lounge, Nanaimo, B.C.

I had a ‘not so nice’ experience about 5 weeks ago and went on the hunt for a nail salon that was good and not knowing who, what or where that would be, I googled it and found a listing of the top 3 salons in Nanaimo. I called one and got an appointment that afternoon. This was due to the fact the weather was really not nice and the roads were slippery that I got in same day I called.

Mandy was the young lady who did my nails and boy, oh boy, this girl really knows how to do it and do it extremely well. I am talking acrylic here. The weather and my age has changed the structure of my nails and I needed help. She took her time and did my nails the same way I used to get them done in Calgary about 40 years ago.

This time and, let’s face it, procedures do change and they now add a top coat that when ‘cooked’ leaves your nails dry and ready to go. No more mess-ups.

I always had my own nails before so I  am super fussy when it comes to my nails and I will flash these 10 digits anytime, anywhere. I recommend this Salon for sure and if you need a manicure or ……come here. I can see whey they are in the Top 3.

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