Peakfine Restaurant, Sparkling Hill Resort, Vernon. B.C.

4 of 5 stars

The resort, in itself, is magnificent but a few tweaks in the kitchen would make it all spectacular. Our dinner, night 1, was just okay. Don ordered a virgin Caesar and I had the Hester Creek Gewurztaminer. Don’s drink was so spicy, he was forced to add water to it.

He ordered the clam bisque and when it came, it was so watery, not thick and creamy at all. This was, by the way, $13.00. I ordered the spinach salad. It had blackberries, a couple of slivers of strawberry, and a couple of raspberries. The spinach was tough and it wasn’t that enjoyable. This, also, was $13.00.

Don’s entrée was Sea Bream and scallop dish. The texture of the fish was, in a bad way, slimy, not cooked through. This “special” was $38.00. I had the chicken Supreme and it was okay. Tis was the evening special for $37.00.

To finish our meal we had a coffee each.

Breakfast on the other hand could use a little help. It is geared the way most Hotels in Europe put up a breakfast…..lots of choices as in cold cuts, crudités, porridge (if you wish), toast, fresh fruit bowl, slices of watermelon, scrambled eggs, pan cooked potatoes that were black with spices and European sausages. It had some ‘sweet’ items as well, but I couldn’t even identify them, but not pleasing to look at.

Day 2 Breakfast was much of the same, but instead of the sausages, there were miniature pancakes, with syrup and what looked like whipped cream. Then when you went to taste it, was sour cream.

The views from this restaurant are spectacular but the kitchen needs help. For the second dinner we went to Predator Ridge and you can read my view on there establishment.

Of course, I would return but I would eat my dinners elsewhere, sorry! The value for what you are presented with don’t match up.

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Britannia Pies, Penticton, B.C.

I keep forgetting to write about this shop. Last week Don and I were thinking about this place, as we had heard it was good. We found it easily enough but that is where anything nice came to a halt

We entered, all excited about what kind of pie(s) we were going to buy and this man half appeared through a doorway saying something like ‘what do you want’ and I replied (I thought jokingly) that I was disappointed as the only pies they had were savory (steak and kidney) and the like. He said very rudely that he hadn’t made fruit pies or anything like it for 17 years. Then he turned and disappeared.

After looking everything over and deciding we would order his “Scottish Pasties” for dinner We called him back and said we would take two of them. Now here is where lessons in any sort of customer service were sadly missing. He said “I won’t sell you anything. They are frozen and would not represent how good my pies are”. Then he turned and left the room.

WOW! We were shocked. IF his pies are any good – who would know? If they are frozen, as he says, then he won’t sell you any. Grouchy? Rude? More than rude? Absolutely.

I don’t wonder anymore why some businesses fail. This would/could be a good example. So, we went home and I am making my own. So there.

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