My Most Unusual Review I have Written Yet.

Over the past year, while Don and I have been finding that most restaurants have portions of food so huge, you either leave half of it or ask for the proverbial doggy bag and then it sits in the fridge for days before being tossed.

Until now.

The last few months we have ‘dined’ out at A & W enjoying their ‘buddy burgers a couple of times. I kid you not they are tasty and just the perfect size. Honest they are. I never liked this establishment since high school….not even the Root Beer.

Today while shopping and getting rather hungary, we sat down in the food court and were only going to have a coffee before heading home, I kept looking at the floating advertisement at A & W  for their new ‘buddy chicken burgers’.  After looking at that for several moments I suggested that we share one. (I am chicken – sorry for the pun- about chicken at most places). Don’t forget these are just the perfect size for one and now we are sharing. After the first bite, I could have eaten the whole on  my own making Don go and buy another. But I didn’t…..I know, my wings are slipping.

Seriously, we all know A & W is not fine dining and I haven’t really eaten a thing there (anywhere) since high school, but these are good and yes, I will order it again….and perhaps again.

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Hannah’s Restaurant in the Delta Grand Okanagan Hotel

In my review of this Hotel, I did not mention to compensate for the noisy radiator in the room, they gave us a ticket for breakfast in their restaurant. He re-parked the car and came back in.

We ventured forth and after a fairly long walk and then taking the elevator (too many stairs ahead) we found it. There was one other patron here and this is a large dining/lounge room. The server came over and was very pleasant. After perusing the menu Don chose one egg, bacon and one slice of toast with a glass of orange juice. I ordered the light breakfast which was muesli and fresh fruit.

The coffee was proudly advertised as ‘Starbucks” quality. Trust me, after adding about a third of a cup of water to the coffee in my cup and then asking the server to please add water to the carafe, we could almost drink it. What is with that?

We waited a considerable length of time for breakfast to arrive. Remember, no one else was waiting. The one other patron was already eating. Don’s was okay but mine had fruit you couldn’t possibly eat. It was not ripe. The strawberries, 2 of them, quartered, slices of honeydew melon were so hard you could barely cut it and the pineapple was more like vinegar. The three very small pieces of cantaloupe were edible. For a moment I thought I was back at Cora’s.

By this time, two more men came in and sat down. This hotel has to pick things up or it will be a ghost building. Please?

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