Tears Every Day

I know I am told most often not to respond to any of the happenings in the States as I am, after all, one lowly Canadian. But when we hear of the rants and firings of people in their Government, it makes the World, in general, wonder what it is all about and just shake our heads, I believe.

When, however, the rantings and hate spreading around the world, dividing brother from brother, families down the middle, colour or religion of another and refusing to help those in our world who desperately need it, I weep. I feel the pain and it hurts beyond belief. I read some of the items on social media about defending the way things were, especially under their previous President, and I don’t understand.

I don’t understand that, by toppling statues of their history, it is going to make someone feel better, you are trying to erase your history. That is also happening in our own Country now, taking down statues of someone who was in our past. It is a shame that we, as a people, do not go forward ensuring it won’t happen again, not hide what happened in the past….

I pray everyday that sane people in our world will make sure that the hate ceases, and we learn to move on, working and sharing our fragile planet from here on.

Children should not ever be forced to live in fear and go hungary or watch family members abused because of hate or worse.

Will you try to keep the calm with someone like me and in peaceful ways, stop the hate? I pray it will happen. I want my children and my grandchildren not to live with the fear that our world will end in a flash due to outright stupidity.

This is how I feel and I weep….everyday and this is the truth, I promise you.

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Robin Hood Motel, Victoria, B.C.

We were attending the k.d. lang Concert in Victoria and needed a place to stay over rather than drive back after the concert.

We booked on line and just so you know, it was the only place left. Some places wanted over $400.00 a night and this, for $219.24 was more than enough. We checked in, and once you read all their rules and regulations, you think that, although it looks tired on the outside and the grounds are less than stellar, it would be really good on the inside.

We had time to put our things in the room and head out to find a) a parking spot, b) the Theater and c) a restaurant to have dinner. The lady at the Reception desk to us where the theater was and, off we go.

We find a spot in a car park, up on the third floor and wend our way down to locate the theater. Done and now we try to find a place to eat. We did, and more on that later. After dinner we go to the theater and are met by some really well dressed people in the lobby. They come over and ask if we are for the concert and we said yes. Well, says them…you are in the wrong place and it is the Royal Theater you want and you will have to take a taxi.

After the concert we were finally able to grab a taxi (in the rain) and wanted a coffee when we got to the Motel. Don went down to the Lobby to get one and they charged him $1.00 for a packet. There was a funny smell in the room….now we know why.

When we open up the top of the coffee unit to put the packet in, the one from the previous guest was still there. When we opened up the closed garbage pail on the table, it had the previous guests food: orange peels, tomato pieces, and other food stuffs. I called down to the office and was told “sorry but you know there is no cleaning staff on at night. Leave it out and I’ll get it later”.

When you sat on the side of the bed, the mattress is so old and soft, you sank down to the box spring and the pillows, looking so fat and fluffy, enveloped you head when you laid down. Any Chiropractor would condemn these in a heart beat.

The sofa looked okay and when you sat on it, it has a permanent tilt forward and is truly very uncomfortable.

We don’t love, no, make that, like Motels but are thankful for a clean and fresh place to stay when required but not here.

They won’t even let you stay here if you live in the same City and wanted to spend your Anniversary here. You have to prove you are travelling, show two pieces of I.D. (one with picture) and no partying.

Yup! Sure worth that.

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