Five Days and Spoiled

My daughter has always joked about being shafted ‘cuz my birthday and Mother’s day are so close. This year – one day apart. She came out here to spend it with me and what a thrill. It feels good to be allowed to feel like a Mom, even at my age. You see, we live so far apart we don’t get to physically visit very often.

This year, however, my husband went over and beyond anything I could imagine. Dinner with neighbors on my birthday. This was two-fold as they met my daughter and we got to share a beautiful dinner and, following dinner, we had a little sing-song as our friend plays the guitar.

Next day a beautiful breakfast and then Kelly treated us to lunch at the Fairview Golf Club. Great food and service. Then another great dinner with my cousin and husband. They are my daughter’s godparents and you could not have asked for better.  Whew! Waistline is…uh….in trouble now. This was a New Orleans flavour meal.

Sunday, Don treated us to a gorgeous brunch at Liquidity Winery. OMG! was it ever good and stuffed-we waddled to the car. Poor Kelly came home and went for a 3 km walk. Once again, a lovely evening.

Monday, we had a quieter day as Kelly had to leave in the evening to return home and it would be after midnight by the time she got there. Don prepared the best ribs for an early supper with Kelly before sadly saying “see you in two months”. More on that later.

I guess for me, the reason this Mother’s Day was so darn special was my daughter returning to me a ‘Mom’s Day” card she made up when she was 8 years old.  I gathered up some old pictures and things I thought she should have and this card was one of them. She told me I was still the keeper of this card. I checked the address and then got her age. I never knew that she held me so high as HER Mom. It was after this that her teacher made me tell my daughter that I was not perfect and she had to listen to them and not me so much. Can you believe that? I hope no other teacher would EVER say that to a beautiful spirit. Trust me…then life changed. I keep reading it over and over  and can’t stop the tears. This was from her heart (spelling was something else) but so sincere. I didn’t know I was such a good mom to this beautiful grown up daughter. For this I thank you so much Kelly. I wouldn’t have traded one moment….well a few come to mind…..never mind it was, is and will be my greatest gift I could give this world of ours. You!

Now, to my husband…..I have said thank you a million times for these fabulous 5 days and all the work you went through. I say thank you each and every day when I wake up and certainly when I say goodnight to you. You are a gift given to me to treasure, love, care for and occasionally dust off. I love you and , yes, you still owe me 40 years. I have been blessed beyond anything. I don’t know why but am truly thankful.


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Gecko’s Grill, Oliver, B.C.

It has been a while since we were here for lunch and, to be truthful, this restaurant has suffered some really bad comments from the locals in previous years. I am here to tell you to forget all that. The food is excellent and the portions are unbelievable.

Last week when my best beau (translation: husband) and I went for lunch it was, of course, filled with golfers but we found a table. Don ordered the Philly Steak and Cheese sandwich and I ordered the Mushroom Swiss Burger. We both ordered a Pepsi.

Out it came and our eyes were wide open….wider! Don ‘s sandwich was loaded with meat, onions and cheese. It was huge. He was only able to consume one half of this giant. Fries came with it but only a few were eaten.

Mine must have had a pound of mushrooms in it (okay, but lots and lots), the cheese was really generous and man- oh- man was this delicious. It was all I could do to eat one half of this as well. Just a few of the fries and I am so sorry we couldn’t eat this all.

The food is so much better than it has ever been and our server, Cheryl, was mighty awesome. They were running it was so busy but she forgot no one in her area.

Well done, Gecko’s. We will certainly return.

P.S. Can I have the rest of my burger and fries? Oh, Don says he wants his Philly Steak and Cheese as well.

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