Hate to say it but…..

You know, I love it when we go to a new restaurant or City/Country whatever and come home and share with you what we ate, saw or did. This weekend was not that kind of weekend.

We found that, going to two restaurants – one we had tried previously and liked are never to return by us and a new one which is better nameless.

Both of us are always looking for a good Chinese Restaurant, similar to our favourite in Burnaby, and have never come close. We tried a local establishment on Saturday and will never return. I felt so ill afterwards and it affected Don the next morning. The choice was dismal to say the least. No sauces for the over-fried and dried out chicken/seafood/beef and pork dishes. No offer of Chinese tea (a must with any and all restaurants we have eaten in) and had to ask finally. No one came to see if we even liked the food or needed anything the entire time we sat there.

The other restaurant, Piper’s, again got everything wrong. Don ordered a ‘seafood chowder’ which, it said, consisted of salmon, shrimp,  clams, and white fish ….well it came and there was no salmon, shrimp or clams. The server said it “really isn’t what the menu says. It just isn’t.”  All Don had was white fish pieces.

I ordered the lunch special – a broccoli and cheese cup of soup and 1/2 cheese and bacon sandwich. Sounds good, right? Not so much. The broccoli consisted of huge hunks of broccoli thick stems in a large bowl and the sandwich was truly uncooked bacon flopping out of a squished down sandwich.

Sorry, guys…it just wasn’t the same. There was only 7 patrons in this very large restaurant for Noon on a Saturday.

Oh well, onward and there are many, many more restaurants. Like Sunday for Noon we went to Original Joe’s. Can you guess what I had? HA!


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White Spot #161 Nanaimo, B.C.

On Friday afternoon, my husband wanted to take me out  for a lunch date and he decided on the White Spot. We hadn’t been there since we arrived here and so  away we went. The restaurant is very large, very clean and we were seated right away.

I never have to look at the menu when I come here and anyone who knows me, knows what I order. Don, on the other hand, always looks and tries something different every time. I ordered a Tin Horn Creek Gewurztraminer and Don ordered his V. Caesar. The drinks arrive and we ordered our meal. Don ordered the 1/2 rack baby back ribs and I ordered a Monty Mushroom with extra sauce and could hardly wait for it to arrive.

The wine was delightful. Coming from the Okanagan and belonging to the Crush Club of Tin Horn Creek it was perfect anf properly chilled, and Don said his drink was really nice and not too spicy. The food now arrives and looks yummy. The ribs Don ordered literally fell off the bone. I tried one and it was very tasty. My burger came but something was amiss….didn’t know until I was checking the bill when we got home.

Kayla our server didn’t hear me say extra sauce please and it came with NO sauce whatsoever. I don’t know how she misheard that but anyway, it was  good just not perfection.

Never mind, we will try it again. Next to another restaurant in town, this is still in the top two.



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