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Seahorses Café, Brentwood Bay, B.C.

On our second trip to Victoria in three days, we decided to take the Brentwood Ferry home. We were planning on lunch before getting on but when we arrived, it was about 20 minutes before boarding. HA! We thought. Silly us. This ferry holds 20 cars and we were number 23. It would be a little over an hour before the next  one. We get out of the car and Don looks over the edge of the ramp and discovers this cute restaurant below. Off we go!

When we arrived, we told them we only had about 45 minutes or so before the ferry.Ella took our order and returned. Our server, Ella, is really an asset to this establishment. Smiles, knowledge and it was a real treat for us.

Don ordered his beer and a cup of seafood chowder. He all but licked the cup and said how wonderful it was. It really was as I tasted it as well. He also had a slice of focaccia bread with it. Great combo.

I, on the other hand, opted for the 1/2 Caesar salad and a glass of Pinot Grigio. Let me tell you, with only one exception ever, this was the best Caesar salad I have ever consumed in a restaurant.. It was perfect. Not too acidic, not too garlicky. Then, of course, I asked about dessert. I mean after all, day out, long drive ahead….in I go. I chose the Belgian Brownie. OMG! It comes out warm, with whipped cream (Don gave me his share of the cream).  I cut it in two and we absolutely devoured it.

So…be sure you just miss the ferry and go down here and eat. Better yet, just park your car on the ramp and come down. So worth it.

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Shingata Salon, Penticton, B .C.

About 5 weeks ago, I wanted to try a new salon for a colour and cut. I am not so old that I have stopped caring about my appearance, and would never try to be younger than I am but I needed a change. http://shingatasalon.com

I found in Julianna, a very young lady who listened to what I was saying, and gave me a haircut like I haven’t had in years and a hair colour that made sense.

Not only did the colour last but the cut kept its shape even after 5 weeks. So back we went today and she adjusted the colour intensity a bit and I came out with, again, the best haircut. I hope she never leaves and that you, a reader of mine, will get a hold of her and tell her you read it here.She is great and the other young lady (I forgot her name) gave my husband the best two haircuts he has had for a very long time as well.

It is a great salon and they listen and they definitely know what they are doing.



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