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Do Not Spoil Your Vacation

We are here in Barcelona and any person travelling here should completely know and understand that,  without a tour guide to see the Park Guell or the Sagrada Familia, you will never understand any of it.

We have watched lineups of hundreds of people a couple of blocks long  walking about with cameras flashing and not knowing one single point.

It is breathtaking beyond words and, at the beginning, I thought Antonio Gaudi was a bit crazy, and boy I am so in awe of what we have seen and by listening to our guide, I have become a true fan. This now a Bascilica and the utmost jaw dropping beauty of this building with its stained glass windows that are a gift for your eyes, the columns inside that grow up like palm trees and spread out at the top of the ceiling are ….. I have no words. Watching people just standing there with tears streaming down their faces, or hands shaking as they try to take pictures is seeing a gift given to this artist from God. There can be no other explanation.

Such insight and planning in his mind will take many years to complete, if ever.

The Park Guell is another show of genius, although like most artists, was misunderstood during his lifetime. The thinking behind the entire set up back in the day is mind boggling. Today, it all makes sense and is now too late to complete what he wanted because UNESCO has made it a World Heritage site.

Please, whatever you do while in Barcelona, visit these two for sure, BUT pay the few euros and go with a guide. You won’t be sorry, and you will be both thankful and grateful for the memories you take home with you.

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Perfect Sunday Morning

Messages all checked, messages I thought I had sent.. didn’t! Sun coming up on the horizon and the ocean is relatively calm. Coffee on the lanai while Don is in the shower.

We are going back to that little church in Makena and then back to the Wailia shopping center. There are a couple of things I need to take another look at. (Daryl, are you listening?)

Maybe I can persuade Don to take me to Longhi’s for lunch.

Oh yeah, we went to the swap meet yesterday morning and, believe this, we got there at approx. 8:15 a.m. and our favourite baker, Anaha was almost sold out. She had only 2 cinnamon loaves left, no danishes, nothing except a couple of white loaves. Everyone knows this little lady with the biggest, warmest smile going and is there early to get her product. They open at 7 a.m.

I don’t know why they call it a swap meet. It is all brand new wares and people come by the thousands…not kidding here! Gotta love Saturday mornings on Maui.

We watched a movie last night called “The Conspiracy”. What a travesty and it is a true story.

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