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A Very Special 33rd Cactus Club Anniversary Dinner

For our 33rd Wedding Anniversary, Don made reservations at , of course, the Cactus Club. When we arrived, I was met by the lovely Caitlin, who remembers, I don’t know how, the names of her customers. She is truly a delight.

We were seated in the dining room section (far too hot and windy for the patio). Ladies, you know when you are all dolled up for that special ‘date’ you want to look like you didn’t walk through  hurricane.

A young man came over, and told us our server would be with us shortly, could we order a drink? We did that and our server, Tkia brought it to the table. This young lady is someone truly amazing. Let me explain.

Tkia asked us if we knew what we wanted to order for dinner, and I told her I had a bone to pick. She looked shocked and when I told her the crab cakes were no longer on the menu , she chuckled. I ordered my usual and then Don ordered his steak/frites and Tkia was gone to take our requests in.

A table with a young couple were seated and when Tkia saw them, she rushed over to give her a hug. I then stood up, tapped her on the shoulder and said I didn’t get my hug. Silly, I know. We all laughed and but she gave me a hug.

When our food came out, Tkia explained that she and her brother (both servers) worked with this young lady and Tkia was away for a while and this was their first visit since she returned.

Tkia asked Don how his dinner was and he told her he had a big bone to pick. He told her it was THE MOST VERY PERFCTLY DONE STEAK they had ever served him.

Don was asked (by me) to make a choice for dessert. He did and when it arrived, he asked Tkia if she could please take a picture of us. She backed up into the table next to us and took the picture. I immediately got up and apologized to them for upsetting their space. They thought that was no problem as it turned out, Tkia explained their relationship.

Dinner done and then a huge….read my lips here- they brought me to tears, with a wonderful gift. They made our Anniversary dinner really special.

Of course we will return and of course I had to continue our silly night, and I told the young man at the table to treat his date really good. He laughed and said he would, just because I told him.

It was a fun, light and most enjoyable time.



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Such Troubling Times

Our World has changed drastically these past few years but this year, in the last few months, several friends have lost long loved pets, family members and friends or broken relationships. It hurts deeply we know as we have gone through all of these things over the years.

If you really cannot get into the spirit of the season, take a deep breath and look around you. Our neighbors around the World are suffering much, much more but have hope and optimism to look ahead.

If someone is missing from your table this year, please set a place for them, and know they are there with you. It helps, I know we did that when my Father passed away for a few celebrations.

Talk about them, even your pets. They mattered to you so remember them, their antics, their sayings and don’t forget to put up some lights outside, perhaps something in the house. It doesn’t have to be Christmas. Do what give you some comfort. Plant a tree or flowers that are really colourful.

Life is not free…one must get out there and work hard to get anywhere. Crying about nothing is a waste of time. Be positive. It can be done.

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