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Mother’s Day – Why?

I have heard many silly answers to this question. Let me share what it means to me for a moment.

For those who still are blessed to have their mother, you are so, so lucky. For the rest of us, we have memories, sayings, tearful moments and sometimes, more heart-wrenching aching moments wanting to hear her voice one more time, hug her and tell her you love her.

My mother had the most beautiful “Arctic Blonde” hair which she got from her mother. I now am blessed with the Arctic Blonde hair. For those of you who don’t know that colour….it is white hair. White hair to me, makes me old and I am not that. I choose to think of it as “Arctic Blonde” and everyone laughs and say that they love it.

My mother could be the shy, wallflower when in new ‘situations’ yet be proud and strong the rest of the time. She taught me to be frugal. This worked well when raising a daughter on almost no money and not letting her know that. My daughter  still maintains she did not know we were poor.

My mom showed me how to treat people when they come to visit. She always told me that you offer a store bought cookie if that is all you have. You treat everyone the same. In our home, friends, family and new comers are all treated like royalty. Proof of that is to come to our house for our “Sunday” dinners. The table is always set with table cloth, napkins inside napkin covers, candles on the table and good china set out. I do the same when it is just Don and I.

There were times, of course, when I would be angry or upset with some of the discipline dished out, but it was a good thing. I never was lippy (good grief not in our house) and it never lasted. I grew up probably being as strict with my daughter, and boy oh boy, did I get that right. She is strong, loyal and honest to a fault.

I was raised in a home where a strong faith was instilled in us. I always honoured my parents and still do.

When Mother’s Day approaches, I always have one heck of a hard time to even look at the cards on the rack. I could spend a very long time, reading and checking out all the cards just to find the perfect one for her.

Every morning when I come out of the shower, I look at their picture and say “thank you”. They both know for what and that it is most sincerely meant. I never forget all you gave us and did for us.

Mom, I miss you like crazy and still wish you a Happy Mother’s Day. You earned it. You are the reason we give you the one special day. Mother’s always seem to give their all  to everyone else be it time, financial assistance if required and moral support for everything else. One day is such a simple way to remember you as special.




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Cactus Club Staff, Nanaimo

I have been reviewing Restaurants and Hotels for many, many years now and usually mention the server of the day. It is time to really acknowledge how great Management has been in their selection of hiring personnel in the Cactus Club.

The number one Manager we have met, and chatted with on many occasions is Logan. This young man is on top of everything and he always does it with a sincere smile and honest approach. His greatest asset is he listen to what you have to say and will take appropriate action if necessary. He truly is incredible. when you go, simply say Hi and you will see for yourself.

Our server was Tara and, again, they know how to hire their people. She was polite, quick to observe and a nice smile and demeanor. She did not leave any of her tables without prompt attention. We watched and I can verify that.

The staff are all in black (to be uniform) but it varies in length, side splits, and slacks but always very presentable. If you watch them as they scurry around a crowded room, they have a smile on their faces and not one that is fakely pasted on.

This is another reason we love the Cactus Club as well as their consistently prepared food.

The only thing to remember is to make a reservation before you go. Just sayin’.

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