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Teriyaki Experience, Country Club Mall

Last week, while going for some groceries, we wanted to grab a bite to eat on the quick, and may I say it, on the cheap. We walked into the Teriyaki Experience which is a little eatery two or three doors down from Save on Foods. We were delighted at what we encountered.

It is super clean, and everything you order is done right there. Fresh as fresh can be and darn right tasty. They must have the cleanest grill in town. They scrape if off, carefully and completely after each food addition i.e. chicken and then the vegetables. Seafood and, again, the vegetables.

They seem to be a man and wife team and are they ever good. It was delicious, not expensive and seem to do quite a steady intake of customers.

I hope they stay around for a long time and keep these standards as high as they are now.

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Amore Pizza Factory, Oliver, B.C.

Okay, wake up and pay attention! Being Valentine’s Day, and after a terrific breakfast prepared and served by Don and knowing that he is bending over backwards to prepare a super dinner this evening, I thought AHA! I will take him out for a nice lunch.

I gave himĀ  a choice of two places and he opted for Auntie Ag’s. We had been there before and since we don’t have anything too worth it, dining-wise, here, it was our better choice. Well, they were closed. So I suggested we go to the local pizza place. That is all there is. Surprise!!!!!

When we went in, we were greeted by a very friendly gentleman with a great sense of humor. The menus were new and I said to Don that he is probably a new owner or one who has bought into the restaurant. We had been here before.

Now we start to look around. The set up is entirely different. New tables, new chairs, sofa, new attitude. It all shows. Now the real test, of course, is the food.

We ordered a thin crust pizza with pepperoni, green peppers and mushrooms. Of course I bring up “no onions”. Well, he joked about that and then, knowing full well that most places only serve coke, I said coke and Don said pepsi. Then I jumped at it and said pepsi…more jokes.

The restaurant had more diners in it than we have ever seen in here. It is clean, the pictures etc. are different (or else cleaned) and more people enter.

The pizza comes out and it is fabulous. I mean it, it was fabulous. The crust was perfection, the meat, peppers and ‘shrooms were plentiful. To show you how good it was, we ate the whole darn thing, almost licking the plate.

I go to pay (after all it was my treat) and he told me he wouldn’t charge me for the onions as it was a kissing day and gave us two chocolates instead.

Three things really win me over in a restaurant…cleanliness, great humor without being too much to bear and awesome food. This place is a 10 on all three.

Yes, we will be back and more often now…..the price is great, and it was a great experience.

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