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Cactus Club, Nanaimo

On Thursday evening Don and I went on a dinner date to the Cactus Club. We haven’t done this for a while and really enjoyed it. At the entrance we were asked for our vaccine proof and were so thankful they are doing this. It is a nice feeling to know that everyone else is the same.

We ordered our beverages and our dinners. I, of course, ordered the ravioli and prawn entree and Don ordered the 8 oz. 4 mushroom steak dinner with mashed potato and asparagus. We all but licked the plate. It was SOOOO delicious.

Okay, we aren’t done yet. Jordan, our lovely server, brought us the apple tart with ice cream and a coffee and we waddled out.

It was really a lovely evening. At our age, having dinner finished and on the way home by 7 p.m. always makes us giggle.

When you go to the Cactus Club and are lucky enough to have Jordan as your server, you will think you have won the lottery.

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Teriyaki Experience, Country Club Mall

Last week, while going for some groceries, we wanted to grab a bite to eat on the quick, and may I say it, on the cheap. We walked into the Teriyaki Experience which is a little eatery two or three doors down from Save on Foods. We were delighted at what we encountered.

It is super clean, and everything you order is done right there. Fresh as fresh can be and darn right tasty. They must have the cleanest grill in town. They scrape if off, carefully and completely after each food addition i.e. chicken and then the vegetables. Seafood and, again, the vegetables.

They seem to be a man and wife team and are they ever good. It was delicious, not expensive and seem to do quite a steady intake of customers.

I hope they stay around for a long time and keep these standards as high as they are now.

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