About My Two Sites

We believe, at  Damn! I can do this.com, an exceptional way of entertaining  is for everyone, novice and experienced cook alike.

Planning for the meal,  searching for recipes that are easy to read and follow, finding ingredients that are available easily can be a challenge. If you have never tried to prepare an extraordinary dinner or breakfast before from start to finish, start slow, one step at a time and soon you become comfortable and second nature for you. I know.

My interest in making beautiful and delicious meals started 15 years ago when we were invited for dinner in the autumn and the hostess laid out beautifully coloured leaves around the table.  I knew I could do this and up it one. We became friends and each time we tried to go one step further. A neat way to learn new things. We both became good at it.

“Setting the stage” by decorating your table is really fun and makes an impact  We have pictures for you to glean ideas from. Enjoy! And try some of my recipes next time you want an exceptional meal. Impress your guests, without the stress. This is my mantra.  Treat everyone (friend, family and stranger) like royalty and the excitement never wanes.


damnigottareadthis.com is my new site just for my reviews on restaurants, hotels and other services.I will never have a pre-conceived idea of what, who, where, and why are concerned but I won’t lead you astray either.

I would only want you to go to a place that was worthy of their hype, taste, presentation, cleanliness, etc. are concerned. Staff attitudes are important as well the the prices charged.

Bear with me, it is going to be a fun ride….full of experiences and memories as we travel everywhere we can and being shared with you, just in case you go to the same place on your journey. Remember, when travelling damnigottareadthis.com should be first before leaving your home or hotel room.