Ayre Hotel, Seville, Spain

Once again, we are in a beautiful 5 Star Hotel, only this time in Seville.

The lobby is open, very modern and ‘clean’ in décor, meaning not ‘fussy’, or ornamental. Our room is very nice and, again modern. This is the only place ever, where you a get a choice of the kind of pillow you want…all you do is pick up the phone and order it from the menu left on the side table. It has a description beside each one. Oh, did I mention each pillow is approximately four feet long? It was funny as like all couples, we wanted  a different one and they wouldn’t fit together when they arrived at our door.

The bathroom is nice and you don’t need a manual to operate the shower.

The choice of food at the breakfast buffet boggles the mind. Every hotel we go into, has the elaborate lay out. In Canada, our Hotels and service staff could learn a lot. At times, I think we are backwards in how we handle the travelling world. More on that later.

The wi fi in every place we have been so far is fast and, again, no problems here.

When you travel, don’t be afraid if you don’t speak the language. Someone-somewhere speaks English. We have found the Spanish people to be friendly, helpful and genuine. Tomorrow we are off to the Costa del Sol.



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