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La Carciofi Pizzeria

Last night we met our very dear friend at La Carciofi Pizzeria for dinner and ‘catch up’ on each other lives for the past two months. We had been here a year ago, although always wanting to return but hadn’t. Don and I were so excited to go back and it was well worth the anticipation.

Kathleen and I ordered a glass of wine to start and Don ordered a soda. We each ordered a pizza and, of course, all were different. Kathleen and I ordered our pizzas with a cream sauce and Don opted for a red sauce.

The crusts on the pizza are thin, crispy and puffy on top. Light as air and soooooo good. Mine was a mushroom pizza and I ate all but one slice. Unheard of for me. Usually I have 2, maybe 3 slices and am done. Don had artichoke, olives, mushrooms and pepperoni.

Don ate a little more than half of his and our friend, who is wiser than us, ate a few slices and took the rest back home for her lunch today.

This restaurant is small, but clean. and the service is awesome. The food is beyond your dreams. We will definitely be back and sooner than later.

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Plantitude Restaurant, Ladysmith, B.C.

Having moved to this part of the Island not quite two years ago, we are still, when we can, investigating different areas to see what there is or and to try new restaurants. On Sunday we drove to Ladysmith to see what they have to offer and, of course being the long weekend, most everything was closed.

As it was passed the lunch hour, we stopped in this establishment, besides Tim Horton’s, that seemed to be open.  We sat down outside but was a bit too chilly and came inside. Their patio is pretty awesome and lovely to be able to dine there.

When we sat down a young server came over and said “have you been here before?” and we told her about being new and were investigating. She told us the special for the day and Don ordered the Chili dish and I ordered the Mac & Cheese minus the caramelized onions. Sounds safe, doesn’t it?

Well, we didn’t know this was a vegan restaurant and she neglected to inform us when she heard we had never been there before. Don ‘s chili came out in a tiny bowl with corn tortilla chips, and a small salad. My dish came out and was a weird brown colour, and sauce being an almost missing ingredient. The noodles were overcooked making it a tad mushy but the taste…..I had to ask her why it was so brown and she named a cheese I had never heard of and cannot remember, but think it was made with crushed nuts, but not sure.

Don’s dish was meatless (of course) but with 3 beans, onions, a very acrid tomato taste and zucchini it was unusual to say the least.  He said it was minus the chili taste or meat (even the latest pretend meat now out and about). I kept looking at the 4 cakes they had on display and I simply could not. Then the server came over and told us they were totally gluten…chocolate cake, a lemon-something cake, and two others. They looked abused to say the least.

Don’t get me wrong…if you are a vegan and love this stuff – great! BUT when someone enters your place and had never been before, it would be a good idea to warn them. My daughter laughed when I told her all this and said ‘didn’t you notice no meat at all on their menu?” To be honest, we did not.

So, after all this, the questions is…would we go back for a second try? No, sorry.

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