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Vincci Albayzin Hotel, Granada, Spain

I am a day or two slow at talking about this beautiful hotel in Granada, but let’s be honest here. The weather has been unusually HOT and when you are travelling, it can take it’s toll on the old body of mine.

The lobby, as with any hotel that Insight has put us in, has been top-notch. The bathrooms are all different, but with a little patience and a sense of humor, it all works out.

The breakfasts in this hotel was wonderful and we had a fabulous dinner in the hotel dining room one evening. We had musicians there for a few moments (they had two other restaurants to go to (for Insight), but you are guaranteed great meals.

The staff are very friendly and accommodating and you have nothing to worry about.

If you travel to Spain and Portugal and wish to find wonderful, clean and welcoming hotels, this should be one of them.

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Vacation With Insight Tours

When we booked our vacation with Insight Tours (our 3rd), we were treated to a wonderful experience. They took to heart my special request and came back with an offer to consider. It was with the response from the President of the company that made this happen for us.

The staff are so courteous and understanding…..we were given three different scenarios to choose from as to dates, cities where we would be landing before catching another plane to our final destination, being met at the airports by their staff.

They offer to make your air arrangements, again, giving you several options (different airlines, fares, times) and always with quick, courteous responses. This is the best way to go – they have the ability to do this without the hassles of us dealing with a travel agent from an outside company who is never sure about anything (we have been that route and the experience was less than pleasant ).

Yesterday, we were again shown why we love this company so much….one leg of our trip was being cancelled but they went to the trouble to re-book us one week earlier, same everything but with an extra day in a European city. They were picking up the extra night for us and also the extra fees involved with the airlines. WOW!

The guides and drivers they employ would knock your socks off, They speak so many languages and go the extra mile to ensure your comfort, always making sure you are able to handle all they offer. For example, last year I had a hip that had dislocated slightly, causing great discomfort and our guide made sure we were given a taxi ride to where we were all going to view. This was at the cost of our guide, we were never asked for any monies.

This company is so special in so many ways……for us…..they are the very best on the market (from the President to the Booking Agents). When you follow this site in the summer, you will be able to follow along like you were with us and, hopefully, want you to book the trip  for yourself.

Do so with confidence of the quality of the trip you are about to take, the costs (they only offer the very best hotels, meals, extra tours), booking your air flight  and taking away any and all stress involved and making it affordable. Pick up one of their books from a Travel Agency close to your home (or go on line and order one) and dream away. You will find a holiday  you want to take, I promise.

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