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For Father’s Day, I made a last minute change to our plans and made a reservation at Zougla Mediterranean Restaurant and the experience was so wonderful, I am glad I did.

The three of us each ordered a beverage and an appetizer of stuffed mushrooms to share. WOW! These have to be, without a doubt, the very best stuffed mushrooms ever. Gone and we were picking the tiny bits of crispy cheese on the side of the dish.

Don ordered the Lamb Shank and it looked super tender. He ate every bit of it.

Kelly ordered the steak and said it was perfectly cooked and tasty. It was all gone.

I ordered the Chicken Oscar and, believe me, it was soooo tender and wonderful. I ate all but maybe two bites, but we took it home anyway. Wow that was a wonderful meal.

Then Don got to choose dessert and since it was not available to order our favourite, Creme Brulee, he opted for the Carrot Cake. This, as well, was tasty and the presentation for the drinks, special coffees, and meals were spectacular.

You outdid yourselves and we will be back again. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

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La Carciofi Pizzeria

Last night we met our very dear friend at La Carciofi Pizzeria for dinner and ‘catch up’ on each other lives for the past two months. We had been here a year ago, although always wanting to return but hadn’t. Don and I were so excited to go back and it was well worth the anticipation.

Kathleen and I ordered a glass of wine to start and Don ordered a soda. We each ordered a pizza and, of course, all were different. Kathleen and I ordered our pizzas with a cream sauce and Don opted for a red sauce.

The crusts on the pizza are thin, crispy and puffy on top. Light as air and soooooo good. Mine was a mushroom pizza and I ate all but one slice. Unheard of for me. Usually I have 2, maybe 3 slices and am done. Don had artichoke, olives, mushrooms and pepperoni.

Don ate a little more than half of his and our friend, who is wiser than us, ate a few slices and took the rest back home for her lunch today.

This restaurant is small, but clean. and the service is awesome. The food is beyond your dreams. We will definitely be back and sooner than later.

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