Earl’s Restaurant-Penticton

Sunny afternoon and we were in Penticton. Of course, we were going to have some lunch and we decided to visit Earl’s. http://www.earls.ca

Once seated, our bubbly server, Alannah, proceeded to inform us of the special of the day. Then she told us that that was one of the last times that Earl’s would ever serve their mushroom soup as they were changing their menu.  So we ordered the soup and the Margarita Pizza.

The soup came and let me tell you…we have had mushroom soup in a few restaurants, but never, EVER have we had a more delicious, flavourful soup than this one. It is full of mushrooms and a touch of sherry brings it to the top.

Earl’s…in my (our) opinion, this is one of your biggest mistakes. Colin (chef) pay attention to your customers as we understand that whenever a server tells this to a customer, they give you the same response. Come on…leave it on the menu. …please?

The pizza came and it was absolutely wonderful. As Alannah pointed out the colours of the pizza were the colours of the Italian flag. The crust was soooooo light and a crispy crust on the bottom and sides and a wonderful cheese (not like what is usually on a pizza), special tomatoes (soooooo tasty) and not drowned in grated parmesan. In fact, it only had a basil chiffonade .

I probably did not use the correct description  of the pizza crust, but when you go to Earl’s you should order it. Wow! What a delightful light luncheon on a Sunday afternoon. My only ‘blip’ is they should always ask if anyone has allergies. I don’t eat onions and the soup was topped with green onions so I had to scoop them all off. Not a big deal perhaps, but I didn’t think I should mention no onions on a mushroom soup.

We loved the soup, the pizza and our delightful server, Alannah. She told us she is new to this restaurant, so she is a keeper.

Will we return? I could say only if they keep the soup, but then who am I?
Of course we will.

Price was $$ for two.



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2 Responses to Earl’s Restaurant-Penticton

  1. Colin Buckingham

    Hi Bonnie,
    Thanks for the lovely review! I’m glad you enjoyed your experience. Do not fear about the mushroom soup. It is a fantastic recipe and we have served it for many years. What I should have explained better to Alannah is that in order to offer variety while maintaining quality and freshness(We make them from scratch) our feature soup is rotated monthly. We have our clam chowder that is actually our most popular recipe and then we rotate through a selection of other soups as our feature. So the good news is that the cream of mushroom will be back at some point in the fall or winter. I will make a note to send you a heads up when it comes back on. If you had any questions or other feedback I would love to hear them.
    Colin Buckingham

  2. Willow

    Best Mushroom Soup I’ve ever had!

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