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Day 6 Resting

Well yesterday we drove out to the Tropical Garden and Plantation. You really want to see this. Make it a must see when you come here. Buy a ticket to ride the tram and hear all about the crops, trees and flowers. It is an amazing sight. When that is done…go around to the different shops and take a look what this island offers.

After this we went to the Queen Ka’ahumanu shopping center for lunch. What an enjoyable start to our day.

We got ready to go back to Lahaina for dinner at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse before seeing the Burn ‘N Love Elvis Show by impersonator Darren Lee. In a word…it was LOUD!

We really do drive around the island. Tonight we go up to the Town of Pa’ia and to Mama’s Fish House.

This is, of course, after we enjoy a rest-up kinda day. You understand, don’t you?

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Day Two-Budapest

Today was one busy day. We took the bus to St.Matthias Church (absolutely unbelievable). Built in the early 1200’s. The off to the Fisherman’s Bastian which is a breathtaking view of the entire City. Our guide, Erika, says it is  a view of the whole world.

Then we head off to Szentendre (St. Andrew). This is a picturesque town filled with more Hungarian craft  kiosks selling fridge magnets (big thing here in Europe), linens, dolls, trinkets, and then more linens. We had a lovely lunch which consisted of goulash soup, a dish with what looked like a turkey cutlet but oh, so good. The dessert was not of our normal ‘liking’. The wine served, both red and white, was excellent.

On our walk back to the bus, we did some shopping.

We made our way back to the bus without getting lost and feel pretty good and are now back in our hotel. Tonight we go down for a lovely dinner in the Hotel dining room.

Our guide for the past two days has given me her Grandmother’s recipe for stuffed cabbage. When I get back, I will post it (with her permission)n in the dining room.

Just back from a dinner in the dining room (included). We started out with a salad, then had a pork loin with vegetables and dessert which had chocolate sauce. It was so filling we couldn’t eat it all.

Tomorrow we are off to Vienna, so good night from Budapest.



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