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Driftwood Chinese Buffet, Nanaimo

Last week when we were going to the movies, we decided to try this new restaurant. Only a few months old by the way. We found the food to be really good and fresh so yesterday, we all went for the Lunch Buffet.

The restaurant is very large and it was full. The food is not deep fried food that the other Chinese restaurants seem to prefer, but it is all fresh and darn tasty. We arrived about halfway through the time (11:30 a.m. to @2 p.m). and the bowls were almost all empty.

We have found that this restaurant is the very best for Chinese Food in Nanaimo and trust me, we have tried them all. The seafood is cooked to perfection, just to mention one of their best assets.

Our best advice….go early and dine on all they have to offer. I promise you will return again and again. They also have a Dinner Buffet, if that is what you prefer.

The restaurant is next door to Montana’s

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Poke Page 1

Did we ever get a treat on Friday. Kelly offered to ‘do’ Friday dinner and sent us the link to Poke Page 1 and asked us to read the menu and tell her what our choice was.

Don read it over and chose the Honolulu Dream. I, on the other hand, read and re-read the menu and decided to make my own up. This was amazing. I chose the white rice, crab, corn, tomato  and sesame seeds and told her to pick any other vegetable she knows I would eat. Kelly also had the Honolulu Dream.

When she came in with the dinner, I could not believe my eyes. First of all, it was beautiful to just look at them all. Mine had a few additions. She changed it to real crab, shrimp, and cucumber added to it. It was so fresh and crisp.

The portion size is huge by the way. Okay, I admit it…I ate the whole thing.

I have never had a salad that good from a commercial venue. If you haven’t tried it, go and give it a try. There are three of them – Poke Page 1, 2 and 3. In a word – YUM!

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