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Sunday in Makena

This morning the four of us went to Makena and visited the Keawala’i United Church. This, my friends is one place not to miss. The church was built in 1832 and is so enjoyable. The service is in Hawaiian and then in English, except for the hymns. They are sung in the Hawaiian language.

The people there are so welcoming and the minister is Hawaiian and so very soft spoken. The name means “peaceful place’ and it truly is.

Following a sumptuous luncheon at the church we left to go to the Wailea shopping center and we saw some beautiful things. After a little shopping we came home for a lovely dinner and again, a few hands of Sequence.

Tomorrow our honeymooners are taking a whale watching cruise and then we are off to Kahana for even more shopping and, of course, lunch.

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Florence – Day 2

Well, after sweltering for the last couple of weeks, the tears from Heaven fell (still falling) on Florence.  I haven’t heard such anger in thunder for years …….OMG! By the way, this started about 5 a.m. It is now 6:30 a.m. and we go down for breakfast not knowing what we will be doing now. We were going to drive to Pisa, but????? Will let you know later.

We did, and the sun did. Hot, hot, hot….never mind that. we went to one of the most beautiful villages called San Gimignana. The best gelata in the World – yes it is. The owner came out and explained the process to us and then we all had 3 scoops of any flavour we wanted. Then we start the walk back to the bus…ha ha ha  the stores are now open and oh yeah, we did them proud again.

The ceramics, pictures and tablecloths are wonderful. So many stores, so little time. We finally make it back to the bus, loaded down, and we are now off to Pisa.

Wow, the architecture of the Church, Bapistry and Tower is unbelievable to see. Our special guide for the day, Roberto, is a very precious and funny guide with an Italian accent like no other. He believes humor makes the world go round and we couldn’t agree more.

It is now 4 p.m. and we have to be ready for dinner at 6:00 p.m. Ciao for now!

Note: The hawkers at the sights (hundred of them) sort of take away from the site itself.

Dinner tonight was at a Tuscan Hillside Restaurant called Mulinaccio. On the garden patio we enjoyed several appetizers, any kind of drink you wanted and then we went inside to a beautiful room just for the Insight Group. (what a group).

They started out with a grilled tomato and 3 cold cuts…..then it was ravioli with a walnut cream sauce, then penne with a tomato sauce, then came the roasted potatoes, chicken, sausage and a slice of roast pork. Then our driver, Franco, treated us all to Limoncello (yummy), then they bring out the hot lava cake for dessert and coffee. (No wonder holidays are loved by Weight Watchers).

We get into our bus and they play some songs by Neil Diamond, Dean Martin, Tom Jones, etc. and then our driver, Franco, tells us we will be leaving Italy tomorrow. (Everyone moans) and then, lo and behold, he sings for us. He has a really nice voice, sincerely meant and believe me, it is no wonder we all think this guy is so great. To show you just how attentive Bob is….he had a taxi take 3 of us into town, so we wouldn’t have to make the long walk up the ‘mountain’.

Hurray for Insight Tours.

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