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Talons Restaurant, Osoyoos

On the weekend, we had special company visiting us and they wanted to take us out for dinner. We gave them a selection of winery restaurants and, due to the culture environment at Spirit Ridge Resort, they chose Talons. http://spiritridge.ca/dining/ I found out they do not take reservations between 7 – 8 p.m. as I was told that was when everyone wanted to dine, so it was first come-first served. We reserved for 6:30 p.m. and all was lovely. The restaurant is bright, clean, lively and a wait-staff that are on the ball.

We ordered our wine and then out meal. When it came (and this will show you just how astute the staff is), our friend kept looking at an item on the plate. We suggested what it might be, but …….another server in the restaurant rushed over and asked if anything was wrong. We told him what it was and he assured one and all it was a certain vegetable and all was well.

The meal was terrific…two of us ordered the crispy chicken and the two men each ordered something different. All agreed it was great. Then we had two desserts and all was shared. OMG! Was this good.

I again, would recommend this restaurant to one and all. Great food, great ambience, great staff.


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Executive Hotel LeSoleil, Vancouver, B.C.

WOW! We went with friends to see the Il Divo Concert which was beyond anything you could possibly imagine. They are better than ever; this was my 4th concert with them and it was the best.

We wanted to stay in Vancouver and make a mini vacation and stayed here.  http://www.hotels.com/ho143063/executive-hotel-le-soleil-vancouver-canada/?gclid=CJPDmMf_vLECFSUbQgodIk0AYg   What a beautiful Hotel. The rooms are spacious, kingsize beds, decor is gold and white and lovely. The bed is just perfect…no sore back here….

The staff were so friendly and helpful. Valet parking, of course, but always with a smile. We wanted to go over to the Lonsdale Quay (a favourite place of my parents) and have lunch and  do some shopping before ending our time together with our friends. They allowed us to leave our vehicles and luggage with them until we were finished.

What a lovely time we had. Would we return? You must be kidding…of course we would.

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