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Auntie Ag’s Seafood Café, Oliver, B.C.

This weekend my daughter, Kelly, came for  an”almost”  surprise visit with her two step-brothers. So, yesterday we were having a ‘girls’ day complete with pedicure and she asked if she could take me for lunch. Yes, please, I’m starving!

We walked into Auntie Ag’s Seafood Café and had the most delicious lunch. We both had the 1 piece halibut with fries and coleslaw. The batter on the fish is absolutely spot on. No heavy, not greasy and the portion size (for us, anyway) was absolutely perfect. Believe me, it was fast out of the kitchen, hot as can be and ever so tasty. Kelly and I had a glass of the grape and thoroughly enjoyed it.

We had a great server, Dustin, who was brand new at this profession (helping his uncle through the summer) having just graduated University with a Teacher’s Degree and was looking forward to finding employment in Alberta. We wish him well.

The restaurant is, of course, very British in design…it looks like (and feels) like  you are in your own dining room. A little fireplace/mantle on one wall, with memorabilia of the Royal Family on the walls and truly a super clean, wonderful little secret here in Oliver. On each table there are interesting facts to read about. One page has the history of Oliver dating way back, another showing many questions asked about the food being served, little menu cards about the liquor they have on hand.

When your meal is presented to the table, each plate has a little Union Jack on the fish. Loved it! Quaint, quirky and so, so worth it.

It had been awhile since we had been here but will not take so long in returning.

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Perfect Sunday Morning

Messages all checked, messages I thought I had sent.. didn’t! Sun coming up on the horizon and the ocean is relatively calm. Coffee on the lanai while Don is in the shower.

We are going back to that little church in Makena and then back to the Wailia shopping center. There are a couple of things I need to take another look at. (Daryl, are you listening?)

Maybe I can persuade Don to take me to Longhi’s for lunch.

Oh yeah, we went to the swap meet yesterday morning and, believe this, we got there at approx. 8:15 a.m. and our favourite baker, Anaha was almost sold out. She had only 2 cinnamon loaves left, no danishes, nothing except a couple of white loaves. Everyone knows this little lady with the biggest, warmest smile going and is there early to get her product. They open at 7 a.m.

I don’t know why they call it a swap meet. It is all brand new wares and people come by the thousands…not kidding here! Gotta love Saturday mornings on Maui.

We watched a movie last night called “The Conspiracy”. What a travesty and it is a true story.

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