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Day 9

This was, of course, laundry day and I finished wrapping the Christmas stocking treats for the ‘kids’. We sat on the deck and read for a bit, then came in to watch Rock the Block to see if our girl, Jasmine  Roth, would take the trophy. SHE DID. Then we changed and went to dinner at one of our most favourite restaurants here on the Island, Sarento’s On The Beach.

We were quite early (as we were hoping we would get our requested waterfront table) and were assured we would but we would have to wait in the private waiting room. We ordered a beverage and I had a glass of Pinot Grigio from Zenato, Spain. This was exquisite for me and Don ordered his beer.

When the allotted time came, we were escorted to our beautiful waterfront table, just as the sun was beginning its descent into the ocean. Our young server, Brayden came with our drinks and took our dinner order. Don ordered the Osso Bucco with baby carrots, haricot verts, risotto and a very rich gravy. The size of the meat was huge and looked amazing.

The inexperience of our young server showed when he brought me a different wine than what I originally ordered. I did not say anything as it wasn’t going to alter our evening.  I ordered the grilled mixed seafood and it was Scallops, Shrimp (huge), and white fish over the most incredible mushroom risotto. OMG! I left about 3 grains of rice on my plate. Not to be finished yet, we ordered (as we always do) Creme Brulee with two spoons. Let me assure you that if I could have, I would have licked the dish, but I drank my coffee instead.

Believe me when I tell you we waddled out to the car and came home, with the top down and said, once more, thank you for a wonderful day.

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Sarento’s On The Beach, Kihei

For our ‘last fine dining dinner’ before packing up and returning home, Don booked a table at Sarento’s On The Beach. Dear God in heaven, it is just that. The waves, continuously lapping against the rocks and sand, are mesmerizing right in front of your table along with the ocean breeze, is wonderful, warm not chilly.

This is an evening to enjoy. Our server(s) Ryan and Mikey and a couple of other young gentlemen make sure all is well at your table. The best thing we noticed is the teamwork.

Okay, as this is our last night out, so to speak, I order my favourite chocolate martini. WOW! This is a great choice and one of the best ones yet, and Don ordered a Clausthaler. They leave you alone while you peruse their menu and this was our choice:

We decided to split the appetizer Portabello Napoleon (eggplant, Mozzarella di Bufalo and tomato, Arugla Pesto. YUM!

The Don ordered the Grilled Hawaiian Ahi Tuna , served rare, goat cheese gnocchi,  triple blanched garlic puree, Puttanesca sauce.He loved it as  there was not a crumb left

I ordered  Cotolette Capricciosa, herb crusted Chicken Milanese style, white  truffle oil vinaigrette. Three huge pieces of melt-in-your-mouth deliciousness. I could only muster two pieces and I was done. Their menu on line states Veal, but the menu on premises, states a change to chicken.

For dessert, we ordered the pannacotta with fruit and, for me, the fruit and sauce was far too tart for me. Without even thinking, our server Mikey, took it off the bill. No fuss…nothing! This is customer service at its best, We only made a comment in passing, certainly not expecting anything.

This meal was absolutely awesome; the ambience is breathtaking..   You should not miss this restaurant when on Maui.

Don and I vote this #1 in ambience, location and, for me, the best meal on Maui.

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