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My husband’s Lovely Cousin/Family

These are my thoughts to share about family, cousins not seen for awhile and general travel into the State of Washington.

My husband has a cousin he met again about six years ago when we attended his Uncle’s funeral. They were best friends when younger and I was so glad they got together again. Then about 4 years ago, Pauline came to Canada to visit with us and she is so delightful, I wanted a repeat visit so this week we got in the car and drove (get this) over about 15 different highways, got lost, got back on the right road and, eventually, we found her. I will never know how people can drive on these freeways every day, to and from work, and think it is normal, Sheesh!

Now for the good parts….When we arrived, we enjoyed catching up with everything and then enjoyed a lovely supper of pulled pork sandwiches and chilled salad with the PROMISE of ice cream later. We were too stuffed at this point. Pauline, we are still waiting for the ice cream, ahem!

Oh, just to mention that when you are visiting some one else and staying over, ask if they drink coffee. Just joking Pauline! NOT…this family does not drink coffee or tea, so off we go and are going to buy a pound of coffee, only to find, no coffee pot in the house. Says me “instant’ is fine, after all we are only there for such a short time. I actually did.

The next day we had a slower start and headed off to the Chihuli Glass Museum and spent a bit of time there and then headed for home. We did stop off at Appleby’s Restaurant for a light lunch and off to get ready for the party tonight. Pauline made the very best enchiladas I have ever eaten and perhaps would not eat any other recipe. These were perfect and I am going to post this perhaps tomorrow. Then we had refried beans and a Mexican-style rice dish to accompany these. Sorry, I forgot the actual name but I will also post that recipe as well.

Pauline has to be the easiest, most accommodating person I know and is so much fun to be with. The night is to be shared with her brother and his wife, and her son and his wife and their two teenage children. The most outstanding feature of this crowd are the two teenagers. So well behaved and, yes, they are very bright students. The lad is into Math and his sister is a remarkable soccer player. You saw them but never heard them until they were spoken to. WOW! Polite? Absolutely.

The conversations (and there were several) flowed freely and the laughter was loud and long. It was so much fun, it was truly a highlight of the summer so far. I honestly hope the friendships made this week will flourish long into the future. If it wasn’t for the freeways, I would want to be near them. Oh, wait….silly me! They could all move up here. I will work on that.

It was such an experience…not harsh words, no bad words and no nasty  ‘gossip’. Loved, loved, loved it. Only animated conversations and  lots and lots of laughter.

Okay Pauline, the next visit is up to you. Hitch a ride with the others and we could do it all again. Please?


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Scouzi’s Restaurant – Vancouver, B.C.

I cannot remember a restaurant that so sincerely welcomed customers to the establishment as the owner of this restaurant. http://www.scoozis.ca/Scoozis-Home.html. So sincere and so pleasant, it was a treat to be seated outside on a beautiful sunny morning with friends.

Our friends ordered the famous Breakfast Pizza to share. It was made up of scrambled eggs, lean ham, fresh tomatoes and spinach baked with mozzarella cheese. Sharon had tea and Gary ordered coffee. They really liked it and claim it would be too much for one person.

Don ordered a glass of orange juice and the “Big Breakfast”. It consisted of scrambled eggs, fried potatoes, toast and sausage which had been cut in half length-wise and fried. He had fruit pieces on his plate. The orange juice came with a wedge of fresh orange in the juice and a slice of watermelon and large strawberry on the side of the glass. Amazing!

I ordered the cinnamon bun. Now, this was not just a cinnamon bun. There were slices/pieces of: watermelon, blackberries, strawberries, grapefruit, orange, raspberries, passion fruit, cherry, pomegranate and cantaloupe and three more that have actually slipped my mind, over the top and sides of the bun then topped with warm honey. OMG! OMG! Both Don and I had coffee to top it all off.

The waiters were as friendly as the owner. This must be one of Vancouver’s best restaurants for breakfast.

Prices were $$ so it was reasonable. We will definitely return.

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