Longwood Brew Pub, Nanaimo

It had been quite awhile since we were here for lunch but Don thought it was a good break between all our errands. In we went and, yes, it was busy.

We sat down and decided what we wanted for lunch and ordered. I ordered the soup and sandwich. The sandwich was ham and cheese with no fries or anything. Don ordered a chicken salad , with the idea he would also get my soup. Great!

After being served our coffee, our server comes over and says we don’t have any more sandwiches. What do you want? I asked if they could make a ham and cheese sandwich and the reply was “no, they make these up in the morning and that’s it.

We then decided we would share an order of Roast Beef Yorkshire sliders and added an order of fries. My beef is this…how problematic is it to make a simple sandwich? She acted like we had asked for a gold plated burger.

We have been here a few times and only once was the server at least polite and the food was without a hassle.

We think we won’t be back. Bad service from nasty servers isn’t a comfort for me. So….