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Pirate’s Chips Restaurant

On a very wet, chilly and damp morning, following an appointment, we went looking for a new  place to have lunch. We have passed this place many, many times but today we went in. It is a smaller restaurant,  clean and decorated in a nautical fashion.

The menu is huge and we really had a time trying to make the right choice and decided we would share a 2 piece cod  dinner and (get ready) poutine fries. Now, before you think we have lost it, they have the best fish and chips we have seen this side  of  Vancouver. The poutine looked so darn good on another table, we had that instead of regular fries. Uh, uh, we were not the least bit sorry. The gravy on the fries was probably THE best. Our delightful server informed us it was a vegan gravy (???) but oh so good.

The cod serving was 2 gigantic pieces of heaven on a plate. Light batter, just a perfect golden colour served with coleslaw and lemon. Beautiful. It also came with a bottomless cup of coffee.

Now you would think we were done, right? hold on….the table back of us had a deep fried Nanaimo bar served with a large scoop of ice cream and equal sized mound of whipped cream. Both drizzled with chocolate sauce. Oh yeah!

This was a ‘had to try’ once in our lifetime, but I can think of two daughters and granddaughters that would kill for this dessert. It is lovely to taste, very, very rich to consume. This was shown of CBC Dragon’s Den television show. It is certainly worth a try.

We will be back. Their menu is definitely one to go to again and again just to try more of it.

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Joey’s Only Restaurant – Penticton, B.C.

It has been a while since we ate out anywhere due to the fact we have been trying to do the ‘light’ thing as in losing some weight. Today we had an appointment at noon in Penticton and after that it was almost 1 p.m. so……what’s for lunch?

We had to drive by Joey’s Only and OMG the car automatically turned in. Now that should tell you just how good this was going to be and we both knew it.

When you enter this establishment you are always met with a smile and ‘hi, how are you today’ and seated by the owner, Dan. Immediately a server comes over and takes your drink order. Always coffee for me and a diet cola for Don.

After perusing the menu Don says let’s try the lobster bisque and then share the fish and chips? At first I said no, but on second thought, changed my mind and that is what we did.

The Bisque came and it was piping hot and the flavour and texture was almost perfect. C’mon people if I said it was perfect you wouldn’t believe me….(darn close!). The fish and chips was, as always, perfect. Hot, fresh tasting and enough for the two of  us. We shared their special 2 pcs. fish and fries for a minimal amount of money. After a few moments a server comes over with a pot of coffee in her hand and offers to add to my cup. I say yes and then she says ‘more chips now’. In my mind, I thought she said ‘more tips now’.  In my mind went “more tips and she just gave me coffee?”I guess the look I gave her made her stop. When I told her what had transpired, she had a great laugh.  We all did. Really, I must be older than I think I am.

When here, always make time to stop in and enjoy a great restaurant, food and overall ambience. The restaurant is full most of the time and I know Dan would love to see you.

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