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Amore Pizza Factory, Oliver, B.C.

After running several errands today, my adorable husband said he was going to treat me to lunch. We heard of one restaurant in Town that had new owners, so we thought we would try it.

Well, let me inform you how NOT to get customers in the door. With the top half of the restaurant almost empty, we were told it would be about 15-20 minute wait. I asked why when the tables were empty. The reply was” we have big tables and they were busy”. We thanked her and left, not to return I might add.

I am so glad we didn’t stay. We returned to Amore Pizza Factory up the road and went in. The decor had changed a little and I had to ask if it was still Amore Pizza. We were assured it was. On that note, we sat down and perused the menu.

We ordered our lunch and when the gentleman (found out later his name was Peyman) returned to our table, I told him we had a mutual friend or so I thought. He asked who it was and when I told him, we had a real good conversation.

I digress….this was and still is THE best pizza that we had had in about 1  1/2 years (last time we were here). The crust is light and crispy on the bottom, the ingredients are fresh and everything is made from scratch.  We shared  a pizza and it was wonderful.

Note: If you live here or are just passing through be sure to stop here and order a pizza. You won’t be disappointed.

p.s. thanks David for telling us about this restaurant.


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Salty’s Beach House, Penticton

Yesterday, while on the way to Kelowna to pick up what I thought was to be my sister-in-law-turned-out-to-be-my-daughter surprise, we stopped in for lunch at Salty’s. (It had been a while or so it seemed).


We decided to split something and went for the Bahama Breeze Pizza. Now, here is a pizza. Beautiful, thin  crust that is topped with Prawns, scallops, bacon and roasted garlic, oven-dried tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, manchego cheese, avocado and wasabi lime vinaigrette. 

Then because it was my birthday we were going to celebrate,  they brought out a key lime tart with their birthday wishes. Wow, this was great. The tart was absolutely divine.

Now we go to pay and the girls gave us lunch as a gift. Totally unexpected but extremely touched. Thank you Daiya and our great server.

I may never order anything but this pizza ever again. Don had it last time and I only tasted it. This time we shared but next time…..it will be mine-all mine. Darn this is one fine pizza.

Note to Reader: This is second time in a week we had TWO fabulous pizzas and none were in a pizza establishment. Way to go Penticton.

You don’t have to ask if we will return here…..it is always a definite yes. Great food, great service and wonderful ambience right across the street from the Lake.


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