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2nd Hester Creek Cooking Class Dinner, 2013

There are so many benefits of living here in the South Okanagan and this is one of them. These dinners are fun, informative, tasty with  perfect wine pairings, and so darn glad we don ‘t eat and sample wines like this every day.  This is the second one in less than a week for us.

The theme to the dinner was “Gusto d’Italia” and our Chef, Roger Gillespie, did his usual outstanding job and this is what we had:

A Fall Squash Bisque with a dollop of Truffle Cream and a Parmesan Crisp on the side. This was paired with their 2012 Pinot Blanc and was lovely together.

Pan Seared Sable Fish with freshly made ‘at the table’ Lemon Ricotta Gnocchi with a Sweet Corn and Smoked Heirloom Tomato cream. The tomatoes are grown in Roger’s garden. This was delicious and was paired with their 2012 Chardonnay.

The third course was braised Lamb Osso Bucco with a Creamy Goat Cheese Polenta, Golden Beet Slice and baby carrots. Being paired with a 2011 Reserve Cabernet Franc really worked here.  I am not a lamb lover, but this literally fell off the bone, so tender and everyone all but licked their plate.

Dessert, however, was a real highlight. Poached Pear and Hazelnut Cream Pie with specially made Late Harvest and Hazelnut Gelato. Being paired with the lovely 2011 Late Harvest Pinot Blanc was brilliant.

These get-togethers are fun and, at times, very lively in conversations, laughter and also watching and learning the ins and outs of the various procedures with Chef preparing our dinner.

Also, our Chef was awaiting that special phone call to announce that his beautiful wife was going to the hospital to have their baby. Good luck with the birth of your son Roger and a sincere thank you to Jo, our fabulous server with a hearty helping of good humor.

We will be back again next year….we have a year to recover….yeah!


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NK’Mip Cooking Class, Osoyoos

NK’Mip you did me proud last night. http://www.nkmipcellars.com/ I have always commended your wines to anyone who will listen but your biggest secret is the ‘brigade’ you let loose on the unsuspecting public.  Last night was a real hoot with Liam, Moss and the rest of your staff. You couldn’t rehearse all the schtick! Thank you so much.

I learned about Queso Fresco-another homemade cheese (took only a few minutes), to some dreamy macaroons (Citrus Cocada) with a wonderful hint of lime flavour and homemade tortillas filled with a really nice salsa (Pico De Gallo), marinated and chile braised pork shoulder. For an appetizer we had some Guadillo Prawns that were fabulous.

With  all the chilies used, I thought I would not care for any of it BUT it was tasty, fresh and absolutely delicious.

The wines that paired with these delights were, as always, superb. The crisp, well chilled white wines (one being a Chardonnay paired with the macaroons)and the wonderful Pinot Noir were perfect.

We were informed this was Liam’s ‘first class”. He was so professional we were still scratching our heads in disbelief.

The laughs were many, and the evening at Home Hardware Osoyoos with Francis and the crew is always a joy. I swear, by the time we finally finish with the cooking classes in future  years, I will own half of her product. Again, last night…wow! My dinner table looked great with the addition of the Mexican glasses and “stuff”.

When in the area, never miss two venues…NK’Mip Winery and Dining Room and then Osoyoos Home Hardware. Francis was telling us her store stocks over 75,000 different items. Trust me, I didn’t count them but I don’t doubt it one bit.

On to the next class…..

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