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Simply The Best Cleaning Services

If you are looking for, needing or just wanting a ‘good’ cleaning company to come into your home and do the usual routine, I am going to suggest you take one more step and hire THE BEST ever.

I have used cleaning companies over the years from time to time but never have I had the work done so efficiently and completely as Simply The Best in Nanaimo.

We are in a townhouse and it has lots sf quirks and corners. Every inch of our townhouse has been cleaned, scrubbed and polished to the nth degree. We still go from room to room and are in awe at how immaculate they made it all look.

Truly, this company with Renee and  Annou working is nothing short of awesome. Give them a call. You won’t be sorry.

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Leg 2 Has Begun-France

Today a new adventure has begun. It is another check on the bucket list of mine and that was to return one day to the South of France.

W enjoyed our last breakfast in Barcelona, made our way to the lobby with the heaviest bags ever. We got a cab to the train station and, good grief, is it ever huge. We follow, like a herd of sheep to get all  the bags x-rayed, before getting our ticket checked.

A little panic attack until we are shown the way to the elevator-taking the stairs with these bags is definitely not an option. (me, not Don, naturally).

We get on the train, upper ‘duplex’ they call it and enjoy a relaxing , quiet ride with the two of us playing ‘two dots’ all the way. Once in Nimes, we get a taxi to our hotel, the Imperator, Hemingway’s favorite in Nimes, and we relax.

We have stayed here before with Insight Vacations. The building is old but that is part of the charm. The elevator (one) is turn of the century and is a hoot. If you don’t make sure the gate is closed tight on 3rd floor, it doesn’t operate.

We are awaiting the tour bus to arrive, meet new faces and guide, and enjoy dinner. I only say this because we never got lunch. Yes, I’m hungary.


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