Who Am I?

Hi, my name is Bonnie Williams-Paquette. I love entertaining and preparing sumptuous meals for our family and the many guests who grace our home. My husband Don and I operated a successful Bed and Breakfast for 12 years, and counting, in Abbotsford, B.C. We had guests from all over the world. Time and again we had e-mails and notes from guests telling us that we had raised the bar–that they felt pampered and special while in our home.

I want to share some of our secrets to help you become the celebrated (and stress free) hosts you want to be. These are fresh and new each and every day. Sometimes you just get me,,,,,,not that bad!

I  also review and blog any and all restaurants, Hotels we visit, plus any “other services” we encounter. For example, check out the category Restaurants .  I try very hard to be honest without being nasty (NEVER GOT ANYONE ANYWHERE WITH THAT ATTITUDE) and always tell the Restaurant we will be doing this, but only after we have eaten. I want to do this without having a guilty conscience that someone would give an extra touch that wasn’t normally there (or in the worse case scenario) toss us out.

You also might find one of these Restaurants/Hotels etc. are what you are looking for. Go and enjoy.

I would consider it an honour if you would sign up  on my damnicandothis site and we can share recipes and comments. So, in advance I say Thank You!

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  1. Love your new site!!

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