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den Artist, Antwerp

Tonight we were out to another fine restaurant called den Artist. It was full, noisy and fun.

Don ordered Moule and Frites (a bucket full of Mussels and fries). Carole ordered some kind of spicy meatballs and vegetable dish and Lucille and I ordered the half roast chicken with applesauce and mini salad.

The 3 ladies shared a carafe of white wine and it was delightful.

Once again we were full but had to order the crème brulee…well we did! Oh, did I tell you they also had that silly French coffee? hahaha  yup they did and I did.

Trendy area that the tourists don’t normally get to. Too bad…they are so super great.


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Meat and Eat, Antwerp

After a day of walking about, we decided to go out for a steak dinner at this restaurant. (one of Carole’s favourites) . It is very small on the inside (10 tables) but, when warmer and sunnier, they have an outside patio.

It is family owned having started out as a butcher shop, and later turned into a restaurant and catering. The menu is small, keeping to what they know and do best. Steaks, lamb, veal and chicken. This comes with a choice of two salads, two kinds of potatoes and, 5 different sauces.

The service is great. Not knowing our wines here as well as back home, we asked the server to help us out. Three of us chose (but of course) 3 different wines. All were completely excellent choices.

After all but devouring our plates and crying that we would not and could not possibly eat another morsel, we ordered a creme brulee and said we would share. This, my friends, should be the very first thing in the morning and the very last thing at night, you put into your mouth. Absolute silk….ooooohhhh! This plate (very large portion) was completely cleaned.

I would go back in a heartbeat.

Oh, one more thing….service in Belgium is much slower paced so don’t be in a rush to order, eat or leave. No one wants to rush you. Come on over here, you will love it all.

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