Lazy Not Complacent

For 10 years or more, I have reviewed every place we visited and restaurants we have been in. Also, of course, are hotels, condos and events. This year has been different and in a really nice way.

We have been going to Maui for years (we love it) and this year we were gone for a month. We celebrated one Christmas with Trevor (#1 son) when he was with us for a week and then when Kelly (#3 in order) came out, we celebrated another Christmas. This was fun.

We did not do the usual tourist tramps as we have all been there several times all around this island and then, because we weren’t doing these things, I didn’t write anything. I could have said the sun was shining, we drove around in a red hot convertible with the top down, and then watched as the kids simply did their thing and relaxed, but I didn’t.

When we got home, it was into Christmas and I put off, again being lazy, writing anything, Okay, I get it now and I will TRY and get back into the normal cycle I have had all these years.

I miss not showing all different tablescapes at the Home Hardware Class in Osoyoos or Don and I putting on a cooking class, but we made the move here and it is even more fun.

The community we live in have breakfasts put on by the men and monthly there is either a potluck dinner of wine and cheese get togethers. We just had the New Year’s Breakfast last week and I am quite sure we will have a Valentine’s dinner in February.

We really made it to 2020, and if you are older in years, we all looked at it as being ‘space time’ and who ever really knew we would be here. HA! We did and I pray we are still here throughout the year and not in a major war. Pray for this.