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Moxie’s Grill and Bar, Abbotsford, B.C>

When we had to come to Abbotsford for Don’s eye surgery, we met with two of our dearest friends, Noreen and George. We told them to pick a restaurant where we could take them to dinner and they chose wisely, I must add, Moxie’s.

After being seated, the beverage order was taken and we all perused the menu. George immediately jumped on the Blackened Chicken Burger, Don chose the Mushroom Sirloin Steak dinner and both Noreen and I chose the Rigatoni in a Mushroom/Red Wine sauce.

Ladies first: the rigatoni dinner was more than awesome. If we were not in public I can tell you, I would have licked the plate. It was phenomenal. YUM!

Okay, Men Now: George said his burger was really good and Don (3 days later still talking about it) said it was THE BEST grilled steak dinner he has had in years.

Now, as if we needed it, we went for dessert. I have to say, in our defence, each couple ordered one and SHARED it. Noreen and George had the Salted Caramel Cheese Cake and Don and I had the warm Chocolate Lava Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream.

Our server, Jessica, was a delight and always smiling. The restaurant was clean, and very comfortable and the Manager was also extremely nice to one and all. We couldn’t stop raving about the food so if we sounded crazy, it is your fault. The food was awesome and yes, we will be back SOON!.

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Mon Restaurant and Music, Valencia /Spain

Okay, now this is comical. We arrived in Valencia late this afternoon and decided, after a brief rest, some of us would all meet downstairs, then take taxis downtown to the historic section. Sound good?

About 20+ people all met downstairs and piled into cabs to go downtown. In a normal town in most normal cities, you get in and tell the driver to go to the Post Office. Right? Uh oh…he didn’t know one word of English and none of us knew Spanish or Catalyn, so we ended up at the wrong place.

We were supposed to meet the rest of the group at the post office and then decide where to go for dinner. After trying to find someone who spoke our English, we walked and walked and finally found the post office and found the group. They walked ahead of us and after a good hike, we decided to sit and have  a drink. One of our friends ran ahead and told them what we were doing and came back.

Our young server came over and we asked if she spoke English. With a wink she replied ‘perfectly’. This young lady spoke 4 languages. We ordered our drinks and a few minutes of our friends came back and told us where they were dining.

A few minutes later we went and met up with them and ate at a street restaurant called “Mon”. We ordered our Paella (two kinds) and thoroughly enjoyed it. This is Spain’s national dish and they did not disappoint.

Several entertainers came and went and, all in all, had a wonderful evening. Would recommend it to anyone,-get out, walk about and enjoy an evening with friends,


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