Such Troubling Times

Our World has changed drastically these past few years but this year, in the last few months, several friends have lost long loved pets, family members and friends or broken relationships. It hurts deeply we know as we have gone through all of these things over the years.

If you really cannot get into the spirit of the season, take a deep breath and look around you. Our neighbors around the World are suffering much, much more but have hope and optimism to look ahead.

If someone is missing from your table this year, please set a place for them, and know they are there with you. It helps, I know we did that when my Father passed away for a few celebrations.

Talk about them, even your pets. They mattered to you so remember them, their antics, their sayings and don’t forget to put up some lights outside, perhaps something in the house. It doesn’t have to be Christmas. Do what give you some comfort. Plant a tree or flowers that are really colourful.

Life is not free…one must get out there and work hard to get anywhere. Crying about nothing is a waste of time. Be positive. It can be done.

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