Vic’s Steak House-Victoria, B.C.

Being away on a family reunion inVictoria, we all chose to go to this restaurant for breakfast. Seemed like a simple feat being a long weekend. I grant you there isn’t a restaurant that can willingly take on 30 people at once BUT in our defense, they were so unprepared, the could not even take on 6 people. When we arrived, one table of 7 arrived and after waiting a few minutes, were seated. The next 7 (group I was in) had to wait while the Hostess was trying to tell us they were full. They were almost empty at this time.

This lady needs to soften her answers to questions being asked and not be in attack mode all the time. We waited forever for someone to even come and take our order for coffee,tea, juice etc. Now the order for breakfast was to be taken and then the wait began. As far as we could figure out they were short on kitchen staff and servers and for this, Management is totally at fault, not the girls, although they did take a lot of flack from customers wanting to eat. The balance of our group were totally turned away (probably 10-15) and as others entered the restaurant, they were ignored and after standing there for more than 5 minutes, left. This happened several times.

What a shame. My husband and I have stayed at the Harbour Towers Hotels many times over the years and this was one bad experience. I hope management can clear up any misgivings on long weekends. People do travel and people do eat. Oh, by the way, after commenting on such a long wait for food. We were told “Oh, we are okay for dinners but we are very slow in the morning. Just what I wanted to hear.Sorry on this one, 2 thumbs down both for service and attitude.

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