Firehall Bistro Restaurant, Oliver, B.C.

This building was apparently a firehall  at one time and the restaurant kept the name. The staff at the Firehall are very friendly and professional. With Suzanne being here for a few days to help us unpack, we took her here for lunch.

 Don had the Russian Borscht with a multigrain bun and thought it was quite good.

Suzanne had the beef dip and she is still raving about it. The meat was “melt in your mouth” good and they put it in a garlic bun. She says the garlic bun made all the different.

I ordered a beef burger with cheese. It came with the usual tomato, lettuce and pickle  and now had the added sauteed mushrooms and bacon. This was quite tasty.

We like the Firehall Restaurant but find when something like the hockey games are on or it is getting warmer outside, people don’t always eat dinner at 6 p.m. We tried a couple of times and couldn’t get in as they lock the doors at 7:30 p.m.

I would truly love to see the restaurants in this area stay open a bit longer. Tourists don’t always fit the mold.

Would we come back again? Of Course we would.


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3 Responses to Firehall Bistro Restaurant, Oliver, B.C.

  1. thanks for the review, as the owner of the firehall bistro ,not sure why you think we closed at 7:30, we are allways open untill 8pm and if you get in befor 8 pm you are never hurried thru you great meal experiance, as well if reservations are made we will allways stay open for you!

  2. admin

    We mention the 7:30 p.m. closing because the doors were locked up tight and there were people inside. Tht was the 2nd time for us. Maybe it’s us?

  3. James

    I have been turned away from the Firehall Bistro before 8pm on a number of occasions. We are not early diners so it’s not really a suitable venue for us.

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