Capische Restaurant-Wailea, Maui

One night when we went for dinner, we had a problem trying to find the restaurant in the dark.  Make sure when you ask someone (or two) for directions, they know what they are talking about. So, arriving almost an hour late for our reservation, we were seated in the garden area in a small, but intimate area that held two tables only.  We had a great waiter who suggested our meal.

Now, have you ever been offered two flashlights so you can (a) read the menu and (b) see the food you are attempting to eat? It was new for us. Anyway, Don ordered an appetizer of Quail Saltimbocca. And again, as is our habit, I ordered Pumpkin Gnocchi. Personally, I have never tasted anything that was THAT  good. Wow! I even tasted the Quail. No, it doesn’t taste like chicken. Don really liked it.

For the main course, Don had Lamb Shank and I ordered Veal Parmesan. Don felt his Lamb was over-cooked and a tad tough to chew. I had the Veal but had to keep turning on the flashlight to see what was on my plate. I ordered a Chocolate Martini to start and bless Me! I ordered another. I mean, after all, it is our 20th Anniversary this year. My DD had soda with a lime wedge (his favourite).

Thank you Lucas for your humor, but next time please remember to pay attention to all your customers, not just one heavy tipper. It was really too obvious and we felt stranded each time food was to come out and then wait forever for the bill to arrive.

Price here is$$$. If you are there, be sure to order the Pumpkin Gnocchi.

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