Drums of the Pacific-Hyatt Hotel, Maui, HI

We thought that this visit, we would take in another luau. If nothing else, for a different slant.


Knowing  that this is one of the elite hotels, you have high expectations, but alas, they really could and should improve this. You are given (after checking in twice) a watered down mai tai and/or NA punch. Depending on the price paid for your ticket, you are presented with a green reed lei (braided with a couple of ends loose for a “feathered” look and the lesser priced seats are given a 59 cent shell lei (ABC store price). There is an open bar, but no mixed drinks. Mai tais, NA punch, ( these are all pre-made and watered down), coke, juices, rum, rye, etc. In other words, only highballs.  If you are lucky, you just might know there was something in them. The emu (underground oven) is a modern cement wall with a hole in it, on a cement floor and plastic patio chairs are your seating for the evening. It is not a ocean view evening. The ocean is out there but hidden behind a high cement wall.

Okay, now it gets interesting. The band is terrific. They have a fashion show, both men and women, showing the different ways to tie on the long wide ‘scarves’ they all wear. Then the emcee explains each culture being represented. Spectacular dancing, truly, and the fire dance at the end is a bit frightful at times.

The server we had, a woman, forgot her smiley face and you felt like it was an inposition to order anything. It was definitely go and fetch for yourselves.

Is it worth it? The show? A resounding yes.  The rest?  There were no real crafts being shown here, only pre-made “tacky” souvenir type stuff. All little things and not what you would expect. Barettes, shell ‘hula’ people, etc.

Price: $$$

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