Salty’s Restaurant-Penticton, B.C.

We were on our way to Penticton yesterday and were discussing the men’s golf weekend that happens in June. The men were looking for a new restaurant to go to for their “award” dinner. We mentioned Salty’s (check previous blog) and wondered if they could accommodate such a crew. After checking out the facilities, we sat down and ordered lunch. Don ordered a scallop remolade that was so creamy and luscious. Wow! The naan bread was hot, buttery and as light as a downy feather. It really was a super companion to  the scallop dish. I ordered the 1 piece fish and chips. First of all, the fish filled the plate (had to be placed at an angle to fit, and fries that were the best I have ever eaten. Thinly cut and cooked to perfection. The only thing I found strange was a spicy-hot coleslaw that tasted only of onion. PLEASE!  Coleslaw shouldn’t be spicy nor should you taste only onions.

Our server, Katie, was a delight. We watched her take orders from 4 different tables and never wrote a thing down.She is tops!

Great place to stop and eat. And yes, the boys will be there for their big weekend of golf, all 16 of them.

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