Presto Cucina-Abbotsford, BC

Having lived in Abbotsford for about 16 years, we grew very fond of this restaurant.  Presto_Cucina The owners were always on top of things and the food quality was terrific. I have waited a week before writing my take on this restaurant.  Read on and you will see why.


This last visit (mid April) was something of a shock.  We waited a full 10 minutes and kept calling out for someone…anyone who would take our order.  There was another couple sitting in a booth and one of the ladies came over and also tried to call out.


I went behind the counter….checked the kitchen….called out at the freezers and no one was here.  FINALLY, the chef and the young waitress came into the restaurant from being outside having a smoke.  Well, we did inform them that this is not the way to have a business operating.  If  you only have 2 employees, then only 1 should take a break.  This was approximately 11:15 – 11:30 a.m. Not exactly rush hour.


We placed our order (each getting an individual pizza ) and a cold drink.  Now a few more customers enter the dining room. The ‘chef” did come over with an appetizer, saying he was sorry we had to wait.  Okay, that was a good thing to do.


Now, I want to go to the washroom.  This room had not been checked or cleaned for a number of days.  I would not be exaggerating if I said the paper towels were a good 2 1/2  feet over the top of the garbage container.  I mentioned it to the ‘chef’ and he said he would get on it and clean it.


What about the girl? Who now owns this restaurant?  This was a terrific local establishment and now I wonder.


We wanted to take the remaining pizza with us, but the waitress never came near our table during the whole time we were there, except to bring us the bill. Then we asked her if we could take it with us. She really needs training to  understand that the service given to the customers will reflect on whether or not she keeps getting a paycheck.  Truly disappointed this time around.


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  1. Customer

    Presto Cucina doesn’t open until 11:30 so it’s no wonder that you had to wait for service. You should aslo be aware that the restaurant is more of a canteena than a full service location. The server is not required to bring you the bill, normally you place your order and pay at the front at the time of your visit.

    Why were you behind the counter of this restaurant? No wonder they didn’t see you.

  2. admin

    I thank you for your suppport….customers were already in the restaurant eating… one in the restaurant…they wre outside smoking. The restaurant was open for business. It was not up to par that is all I am saying and your are indeed correct, we DID pay at the counter when we ordered, she just never came by the table.

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