Salty’s Beachhouse- Penticton, B.C.

While in Penticton yesterday to pick up our new glasses, we decided to go back to Salty’s Beachhouse for lunch and confirm arrangements for the golf tournament my husband is involved in next weekend We haven’t been there for a while but were greeted by Kiara, our wonderful server like we were there every week.

You may not think that matters, but it does. It means that you matter to her and to the establishment.

We actually found the perfect hamburger…yes we (he) did.  It sounds off the wall, but OMG it is P E R F E C T.
It is called the Tortuga Burger and is made up with Angus chuck, loads of crispy bacon, manchego cheese, sweet house pickled beets (yes, that’s right) in a wonderful fresh bun with unami tomato relish and crunchy coleslaw.  All this came with fries and would give McDonald’s a run for best tasting fries.

I, on the other hand, ordered Fish Tacos.  This was spiced chicken, tempura battered shrimp, white fish, lettuce and, of course, sans onions. This also came with fries…tsk! tsk!

We hadn’t had enough (seriously, just kidding) so we ordered  a slice of the superb Chocolate Terrine…sorry, I am drooling here….2 RICH slices of chocolate mousse pate on a bed of raspberry coulis. OMG!

Daya, one of the best floor managers in the business was over and confirmed all Don wanted set up. I can’t say it enough…you give good (in this case, exceptional) service, big smiles and in a wonderful way, making customers feel so welcome will make or break a business.  These people know that, work it and it comes back in spades.

Lunch for 2 – $$  Make sure you visit this place and tell them I sent you…it won’t matter, but will make Kiara giggle.


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3 Responses to Salty’s Beachhouse- Penticton, B.C.

  1. Thanks for the lovely feedback. We are so happy you enjoy our food and service. See you soon!


  2. Kiarra Whitehead

    I’m so glad you enjoy my service so much 🙂 It was nice seeing you two again, and I totally agree with what you are saying. Salty’s is a GREAT place to work and of course to dine out aswell :P. Hope to see you guys again soon!!


  3. Lawrence Green

    Have not been ” here ” for awhile and want to tell you that once again I agree with your review .

    Salty’s is also one of Pam and my favorites in the area . Last time there I also had the Tortuga burger and loved it . In fact, I soon bought a bottle of pickled beets just to add to my homemade burgers .

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