Red Rooster Winery

Yesterday, we decided to play tourist in our own backyard. We had never been to the Naramata Bench before  and had picked two wineries to visit . We first went to Red Rooster as we had sampled their wine at a cooking demo this Spring.

I know this is only me but I shy away from overly aggressive sales people who come on to attack as you enter the premises and don’t know enough to back off and let you look around and see what they have to offer.

We slowly backed away and went upstairs to see their “gallery” of local artists.  The biggest disappointment for me was that there were no roosters for sale. I wanted to take the one outside their door but….

I did buy a crazy soap dish and the couple in front of us were complaining that they only had plastic wine glasses for sale. Plastic? Really??? Someone is missing a huge niche in sales here.

We did not sample any of the wine. With 6 ladies behind the counter looking like they would rather be somewhere else……we went somewhere else.

In the tight competition of wineries from Kelowna to Osoyoos, you cannot rest on your reputation alone to make it successful.  Next time, we will try their Bistro.

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