Tin Horn Creek Winery/Miradoro Restaurant

This weekend, Don’s #1 niece, Michelle, and her husband, Grant, were here for their 8th Anniversary weekend. We were fortunate enough to have them here during our mini-hurricane Friday.  What a time!

Everything we had on the deck blew…in fact, the wind blew Don’s glasses off his face and he never even knew it, and almost blew the plants right out of their planters. Enough of that!

We had a super great dinner and all the while they were informing us of their departure time the next morning. HAH ! We had a beautiful breakfast -fresh fruit and strawberry yogurt and lemon poppyseed muffins – just out of the oven. After Breakfast it was suggested we show them around…so off to Covert Gardens. We enjoyed a coffee, they sampled some of the wines and, after purhasing some of the fresh produce, we left for Tin Horn Creek.

We have been there several times before but Michelle and Grant hadn’t. Whooee. Now, I have never before see anyone buy wines like that……then they offered to take us for lunch at Miradoro. Can never say no to that. Great food, great wine, great company on a beautiful sunny, warm day.


Three of us shared a bottle of their Pinot Gris. Michelle and Grant shared a rustic  Bascaiola pizza made up of Italian sausage, grilled mushrooms, cream, parmesan cheese, sweet garlic, parsley, and chilies.

 Don ordered the  West Coast Manila Clams with chorizo sausage in a beautiful Saffron tomato sauce and,

  I ordered the very best grilled cheese sandwich with a quince jam and, believed it or not, crispy onions on foccacia bread. This was the very best grilled cheese I have ever tasted.

We were far too full to go for dessert or coffee and, after picking up the wine, we headed for home and they were off to Spirit Ridge for the balance of their stay. Lucky them!

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