The Sage Pub, Osoyoos, B.C.

While shopping at the Lake Village Bakery yesterday, we decided we needed a place to have some lunch (already 1 p.m.).  We spotted the Sage Pub and went in.

This is hard for me as it was a big disappointment. The walls and tables need paint (chipping  and well worn). Being mostly black, it is hard to see anything, yet there are many televisions around the room with different stations on. Golf on one, racing on another etc.

The server came over and brought us menus, asking what we wanted to drink. Not wanting alcohol, I ordered a coffee and Don wanted water. Then we looked at the menu. Some Chefs would have a hard time figuring out what they wanted to be……Greek, Italian, Irish, American. The choices to eat were far too many for such a small establishment.

The special was “Veal Cordon Bleu burger” with fries or onion rings, or soup or salad. Good options so we both ordered the burger. We had to wait so you would think it was being made to order. Well….

The veal was only a cutlet, breaded, but not here and pre-frozen for sure. The mushrooms were sliced so thin you could read the paper through them. Again, not from here. Local store, perhaps? It had swiss cheese which was melted perfectly and tomato slices and lettuce finished off the burger.

I asked Don  what he thought and we both agreed. There was absolutely no flavour to the meat. Sorry guys! Also..veal cordon bleu has ham. None evident here.

Our server never came near with the coffee pot and, in passing, asked how we were doing. Both of us had food in our mouths and couldn’t answer.

Would we go back? I don’t think so. It is a bit pricey for the quality received.


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