Nuremberg And Prague, (Golden City) Cz

Off at 9 a.m. this morning, we are driving to Nuremberg where we stopped and walked into the square. Here are many kiosks in the center of the square for vegetables, fruits, sausages, gelatos, and are surrounded by restaurants and shops.

We were looking for a store to buy a bottle wine (to go with the smelly cheese Don bought) and a delightful woman, who spoke English, offered to help us and escorted us down the mall, into a tunnel to the wine store. She was so pleasant and unassuming for three tourists . She told us she had been to Vancouver and Winnipeg. Lucille and I found the Pandora store and I bought a ‘passport’ charm.

Back on the bus, we head off to the border. Here we change our money from Euros to Krones. We have no idea how hard it was for the Czech people under the thumb of such a regime, but it shows in everything we see.  We arrive at the Hotel Golden Tulip (Savoy) and begin to settle in for a couple of days.

We unpack, do a laundry, take a shower and go down for dinner. We started off with a nice salad, beef tenderloin with 2 potato dumplings and finish off with a beautiful apple strudel. Oh yeah, and a glass of Chardonnay.

After dinner we get a new guide, George, who could be a stand up comedian in the western world and make a fortune. This man is funny! We walk a bit, and then he shows us a breathtaking view of the City as the sun is starting to lower in the sky.  We walk a bit longer and get on the ‘hemorrhoid express’. He called it this due to the fact all the streets are cobblestone and you literally shake apart……further down many streets, so many stories and arrive at a large square. We disembark and walk around the square looking at the buildings, churches and live entertainment, and then we get back on the train. We arrive at one of the bridges, go down the steps to take a river cruise. There is entertainment and views of Prague at night, all lit up, and then there are fireworks. Very pretty sight.

Now we have to walk across bridge, go down more stairs and finally get on our bus. Back at the hotel, is now 10 p.m. and that bed is looking real comfy.

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