Venice – Day One

We leave early this morning as it is a long drive to Venice. A few stops a long the way, lunch and then back on the bus, we arrive safely in Venice. Here we lose our driver, Franco, for a few days. The law governing the drivers is very strict.

We have a short walk to our hotel, which is just behind  St. Mark’s Square. Lucky us.

We all go for a gondola ride and then walk over to our special restaurant for dinner. We are the only patrons here for the night.

It started off with a lovely pasta dish (this could have just been our dinner….not!) Then we have delicious roast chicken with potatoes and salad and oh, my!  dessert. Hard to describe properly, like a cheesecake base then topped with glazed strawberries, grapes, kiwis, pineapple and orange slices. Think we are finished for the day? Not!

We  now walk across the square and all our group get on water taxis and we take the entire ride down the Grande Canal. It is 3 kms long. When we disembark, we walk back towards the Square, sit down under the stars, enjoy a glass of wine and listen to the music being played by 4-5 musicians.

Back in our  room, it is finally goodnight and we will be back at it tomorrow. Pinch me….are we really here?



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