Fairview Mountain Restaurant-Oliver, B.C.

On Sunday, after driving to Osoyoos to buy some things for our project on our deck, I took my husband for lunch at the Fairview Golf Club (one of our favourite places to go and just simply relax while having a bite to eat. http://www.fairviewmountain.com/

The sun was shining, the patio was almost full when we arrived so we were lucky to get a table. Our server (forgive me if I made an error here) Jenna was superb. Knew her menu well and when we made the choice of a grilled cheese panini, told us it was the most popular item.

It had about 3 different cheeses and one of them was feta, so I wasn’t sure about that. Well, it came out and was a perfect blend together. Of course, we had the fries that go with it……honest! They just jumped on our plates….HA!

This is a great place to go and eat. If you go on Fridays, it is fish and chip day. Don’t miss it as it is a GREAT meal.

Yup! Gotta love Oliver.

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