Ricky’s Restaurant, Penticton

About 18 years or so ago, we went to Ricky’s Restaurant in Metro Town with my parents. The service was soooo bad and the food not much better, we vowed never to attend their restaurants again.

Today, while in Penticton, we decided to stop  in and see if they had improved any. Well, guess what?  They  haven’t.  We were shown to our seats and our server asked what we wanted to drink (as we were sitting down) and whoosh….there they were. One coffee and a soda.

Now…..we wait. Never, ever in all my years have I finished a cup of coffee before food came or the server was topping up my cup. Didn’t happen. We waited and we waited……we only ordered potato skins and 6 little pot stickers. Don and I were going to split the orders as we didn’t want a heavy lunch.

When it finally did arrive, the food was less than warm. It had been sitting for awhile. After almost finishing eating, the server asked how everything was. When we told her it was cold, her answer was…well….do you want me to ask the kitchen to make a couple of potato skins for you?

We didn’t get a bill so got up and went back to the bar to pay. Will we return? Probably in another 18 years.

The bad service hasn’t changed and the questionable food service hasn’t either. Sorry, guys…oh by the way, food should be hot when served, not cold.

I must say that most of the customers in the restaurant were Seniors. Does that mean, we don’t need to care anymore or should we just be content with second-rate? I get so darned cross with this type of restaurant, it doesn’t have to be this way.



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