Lobster Boil-Creole Style, Hester Creek Winery

I love celebrating my birthday here. Each year, Don gives me two Hester Creek Cooking Class nights as gifts. I love it.

Last night was more than you could imagine. Normally it would be 12-14 people sitting around the kitchen table watching Chef Roger prepare the feast but last night when we arrived the table appeared to be a mile long in the Reception/Showroom and was set for 29 people.

This dinner was a Seafood Boil which means they set out paper along the counter, and lay out: baby potatoes,  grilled corn on the cob, Caesar Salad, and a beautiful watermelon salad, Andouille sausage,  roasted asparagus and bell peppers, lobster tail each person, lobster claws (huge), mussels, clams and scampi. Whew! Grab a plate and away you go.

For dessert there was a luscious Tiramasu.  Character White and Red wines flowed and coffee finished the evening.

These dinners are truly an awesome outing and if you can be in the area when these dinners are on,  be sure you sign on. The Chef, his Sous Chef and staff like Jo (server extraordinaire) and Sarah, the Communications Manager will treat you like royalty (our mantra, for sure).

Love it! Dinner #2 is in another month away (closer to my birthday). Gee, this is really dragging the celebration out.

On a bit of a downer, and no reflection of the food, staff or establishment but the live entertainment was such a downer. It should have been a happy time but felt for the entire evening like we were at a funeral.  It was extremely loud and noteless and it was sad. Everyone around our end of the table wanted to get up and disconnect the electricity. Sorry!

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