Salty’s Beach House, Penticton, B.C.

We have always loved going here for lunch. The food, and staff have always been on top of most establishments. They had a flood earlier and just recently re-opened.

They did such a great job, we could not, for the life of us, see where they had changed a thing. The floors, walls, tables and chairs all looked the same so they get kudos for that.

When Daiya was the Manager she had the great sense to hire good looking  girls with the will to be the best they could be and have the knack of  upselling and they did work hard. Not so when we were there yesterday. To be really fair, they just re-opened and they weren’t as busy as they usually are (still winter, remember) but the only one hustling was our server, Ashley.

Two other servers, both boys, stood around, pretending to work. When one went to the closet to pick up something, the other was there to supervise.  Ashley was taking orders, serving drinks and then serving the food to about 10-12 tables.

Finally, one of the boys actually served one table behind us that had two other boys sitting there. I asked our server, Ashley, if she was the only one working and the reply was “girls can multi task”.

‘Nuff said. The food was sumptuous as usual. Don ordered the Tortuga Burger (the best) and I ordered the Bahama Breeze Pizza (better than the best).

Darn….it is snowing AGAIN here and we live in Canada’s only desert. What the heck! Yes, of course, we will return but I, personally,  hope that Daiya comes back and hires the proper staff to carry through the rest of the year. If she doesn ‘t, it will not be the same.

Just sayin’.



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