Lost Moose Lodge, Penticton

Our friends had been to Lost Moose Lodge about 15 years ago and asked if we would like to go and see it. Not too shy, we take off and go up the mountain, and up..and up and up. We get to the campground and drive through, seeing what they were like. They are equal to anything that the Kananaskis/Banff area offers with one exception. There is no one there, hasn’t been anyone there for ages. It is unkempt, weeds everywhere in the campsite area (yes, I know it is the wilderness, but…come on!)

We drove down to the restaurant. There was a workman having a smoke and not acknowledging us at all. We walked around the outside of the restaurant and, with a man sitting inside watching us, he did not come to see if we wanted to see the restaurant, tell us it isn’t open for lunch or, for that matter, any time during the week except Thursday and Friday from 4 – 9 p.m. They offer hamburgers and there is a sign stating “liquor license pending”.

The cabins offered there had no one in them. Looked like a ghost town. Each cabin had “saloon” and the like silly signs on the front.

My question is this. Are they open for business or not? Do they advertise? (no).  It really could be a nice, albeit, long way out for anyone  to camp and the last part of the “one way only road” for handling both directional traffic is unsettling.

Make it one thing or the other but let the public know, at the bottom of the mountain, that you offer nothing. The view…beautiful but definitely nose bleed territory. This is 10 miles up the mountain.

Unless they get a crew in there to clean it up, don’t bother going.

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