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Yesterday was as close to perfection as one can get here on this old earth of ours. It started out with coffee on the deck, enjoying the warm weather with a gentle breeze. It was a morning of remembering twenty-three ago, the day we married with family and friends celebrating with us. Also, remembering those who are no longer with us and are sadly missed.

We did a few chores,and returned to  sitting on the deck and playing our favourite Hawaiian music.  Later on Don brought me a glass of wine, we watched a few of our favourite ‘re-runs’ before going out to dinner. It was so hot outside, we had to come in for a while.

Don had made reservations at Walnut Beach Resort for dinner. We put on our “casual best” duds, biggest smiles and headed out, like two teenagers,  for a wonderful dinner.http://www.walnutbeachresort.com/osoyoosdining.html

We ordered a “share for two” starter of Brie with garlic jam. I could not find the words to tell you how fabulous this was. A bowl of freshly toasted (on the bbq) baguette rounds accompanied the plate of Brie. The second your knife touched the cheese it totally oozed out to join the generous serving of jam that totally sat on top of the jam. OMG! We couldn’t put it down. (In fact, Don brought the remainder of the jam home in a little box) Yup! We loved it.

Don ordered the ribs done two ways. One was a dry rub and the other was the ooey-gooey saucy one. There were lots of each kind, along with asparagus and potatoes. He even brought some home.

I ordered Pickerel  for my dinner. It was beautifully done, and also came with asparagus and potatoes. I have to mention that all the food is prepared on the many bbq’s on the large patio and our “Chef of the night”, Todd and his two Sous Chefs did an amazing job.

Of course it would not be a meal if we didn’t have dessert and, believe me, THIS establishment know just how to do it and do it right. They have two-bite desserts at a whole $2.50 each one (big deal). This enabled us to each order one, split it and sample the other one. Don ordered the Rhubarb tart and I, of course, ordered a chocolate/blueberry concoction that was heavenly. We both agreed that my choice was best.

We were here for a cooking class some time ago, and believe me, it is so worth a return visit. I love the open patio, 5-6 bbq’s and Chefs working in front of you, making special everything you ordered. Our server, Cassandra, was cute with her pink/blue/purple hair as well.

It was hot, sunny and quite a strong breeze, but so darned enjoyable it was worth it. Thank you Don for a superb day and evening and to Walnut Beach, Todd and all who helped make it so special. This is one for the memory bank, for sure.


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  1. Brenda Sauve

    Happy Anniversary you two!,
    We also discovered Walnut Beach Resort Patio on our last trip. Our meals were identical. The brie was outstanding. They sure understand their customers. We have been to so many places where we order an appie platter and they give us enough crackers or baquette pieces for one. Hello…can’t you see there are three people here? The brie appie at Walnut Beach has an ample platter of sliced and toasted baquette pieces. Congrats again Bonnie and Don. We look forward to your next review!

  2. admin

    Shows we like good food and good service.

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