Exalte Le Salon, Edmonton, Alberta

When we were in Edmonton for a family wedding, I had a hair appointment at this Salon.

Every Beauty Salon should read this and pay attention. The cost for a wash and blow dry was only $31.50 BUT with that you get:

1. they ask if you would like a head massage – take it! It is fabulous.

2. A young lady comes over and (after asking if you want this) a hand masssage. All the while,  your hairdresser is working on your hair.

3.  When finished, your hairdresser asks if you would like a neck/shoulder massage Рagain , take it!

These little extras do two things.

1. A happier, very relaxed  customer

2. Larger gratuity

Oh, I forgot, they also offer coffee, water, juice.

If I lived i n Edmonton, they would have a regular customer in me. I found them to be amazing artists, charming shop and the neatest French accents around.

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