White Spot, Penticton, B.C.

Yesterday was our big day what with a chiropractic visit, hair appointments, grocery shopping and then lunch,so  we stopped in at the White Spot.

Our server, Shandi, has such a way to meet you, one would think she actually knew you. While Don was parking the car, I ordered our beverages and Shandi pops  up and says, with the biggest smile,” wow, it has been forever since I last saw you.”

“…now, because I review restaurants, I thought, maybe she remembered me.This is a laugh on me and I checked back (Feb 2013) and she wasn’t our server. Kudos to Shandi, what a greeting!

I ordered my absolute normal must have…a Monty Mushroom Cheeseburger with and, as Shandi and I totally agreed, it was Friday, therefore, fries should also be there. HAHA

Don ordered the Steakhouse Burger and he devoured it as well. It was delicious. Yes, he had the “because it’s Friday, fries.

Shandi would breeze by and ask how it was, and then have a funny comment and a big smile…and then she was off. This lady is a true asset to the Nat Bailey organization. The food….always.

I have mentioned before, and even praised some mushroom burgers to the moon, BUT, and this is so true, they still have THE best one            E-V-E=R.

When in Penticton, and you want a great burger, stop in. You won’t be disappointed.

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