Getting Ready….

Get ready to see new places soon. Suitcases are in the ready and I am anxious to share new experiences with you .

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  1. Aloha don and Bonnie,

    We met earlier this morning at your owner update. I don’t have another client until later this morning so I thought i would check out your blog. As I mentioned, I too am a foodie and avid traveler.

    I know you have been to maui many times….but I thought you might want to explore a couple of maui’s off the beaten track spots.

    My latest find is Aria restaurant in Wailuku. You can check out the menu and reviews online. I was surprised how many reviews they had posted as they have been open only a couple of months. They serve B, L, D. Everything is super reasonably priced AND portions are large. Also, they are byob. I love bringing my favorite wine to dinner.

    The other place I like is kula bistro. It is 10minutes from my house (which is a HUGE plus when you live as far from civilization as I do), and the food is great. Their calamari steak with lemon caper sauce is excellent and their beef tips with shiitake mushrooms over homemade pappardelle is fabulous. Also, great prices and large portions …..and, byob.

    There are lots of great spots on maui, but I thought you might enjoy checking out either of the 2 places I mentioned as you explore.
    With warmest aloha, linda

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