Day 5, I Think…

Remember me telling you about the spider? Well, you can believe this. We told them at the desk about it, described it, and they all said they knew what that was. They would send up someone to hunt it out and he would be right there. Well,,,he was. He came in and within 5 minutes says he found it. They actually have a spider hunter when it comes to the very large and ugly Cane Spider. He was between the mattress and the headboard on MY side.

Enough of that.  We did the beach and walked on the sand for about an hour. Came back to the condo at Worldmark and got ready to go to the luau. It was fabulous and we had the best seats in the house. It pays to book this event online when you book your trip. You are seated according to the time you confirmed your booking.

The dancing, costumes and, of course, the very extensive buffet is impressive. You also have a large menu to choose from for cocktails.

Today we are off to the Plantation. Did I ever mention how beautiful this island is? Just ask me.

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  1. Kelly

    Yeow! Your resort actually EMPLOYS a Spider Hunter?!?! Are you freaking kidding me?? Good thing I didn’t encounter one of those eight-legged cat killers when I was there – not enough Thorazine on the planet to get me off the roof! Thanks – middle of winter here and I’m eye-balling my base boards…(*sigh*) Enjoy the day!

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